What is Secure Single

Secure Single provides single adults with information, tools, and practical guidance to optimize their human flourishing and fulfill their life’s calling.

Who are singles?

Singles are anyone who are divorcees, widowers,  single parents, and people who are temporarily single or who have chosen to be permanently single, that is called single by choice.

How about single parents?

The media and popular society shows single parents as being doomed and helpless from the beginning because they do not have another person to help them out with their children. Because the divorce rate has steadily increased over time and now around 50%, single parents have become more common in society. Further, single parents are often portrayed as falling into drug or alcohol abuse because they.

What about family values?

There is nothing wrong with couples and people wanting to get married. However, the problem become when the government believes that it is in its best interest to provide benefits to families and married couples while single people do not receive those same benefits. This question ultimately reaches down to a deeper question of political philosophy, should the government to be legally involved in marriage? Consequently, if the government is involved in marriage, should couples receive those benefits while single people do not? Regardless of ones’ view on the role, purpose, and the extent of the government; couples who are married receive an 1,000 more benefits compared to single people. That only includes the benefits from the federal government. The government and society has decided that merely because a person has a status as being single, that it is just and fair to treat singles as being unequal compared to their married counterparts merely because of their relationship status.

What about a person finding the One or their Soul Mate?

Popular society and media adore the theory of a woman, more so than with men, finding her one true love and her knight in shining armor and the woman saving the man from his slovenliness and sleeping around with numerous women. This soul mate myth creates an easy model for movies, television, and novels while appealing to a wide audience who want the myth to be true while creating an ideal that ultimately cannot be achieved by couples in romantic relationships because their partner will never reach their ideal. The problem with the soul mate theory for couples is that it creates to high of an ideal that a romantic partner can never reach and for this reason is credited for leading to a large number of breakups. However, most importantly, the history behind the Soul Mate Theory traces back to Plato’s The Symposium where he argues that the myth of there being a One for every single person traces back to Zeus cursing humanity out of spite.

Is there a history behind people who decide to live their life as a single person?

It was common historically for a family’s sons to take over their father’s business, enter the ranks of the feudal government, or enter the priesthood. For women, it was common that they would get married off or that they would become nuns. Further, certain religions and philosophies honor living a single celibate life higher than getting married. However, it important to note that some religions and philosophies acknowledge that one can choose to live a single life without necessarily being celibate.

If a person decides to remain single, how do their parents normally respond?

This question will depend upon the upbringing of each individual. However, it is still normally a given that most likely the parents son or daughter will end up eventually dating and getting married. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this line of thought since it is normally true, it will ultimately depend upon the worldviews, background, and values that the parents hold as essential for their son or daughter to live a happy and successful life.

How does the media and popular society portray single men?

Media and popular society often show single men as being horny, lazy, irresponsible, and scary and a threat to women and society. The other option that the media and popular society believes is that if a man is single, hot, dresses well, cares about his appearance, and pays attention to details that he is always gay. The media and popular society, again, fall into the same trap of the either/or fallacy for single men as it does for single women because they do not allow for a third option.

How does the media and popular society portray single women?

Media and popular society show single women as living an unfulfilled life, if they are not married. The other main way that the media and popular society portrays single women are that they are sexually promiscuous. In addition; single women, especially successful single women, are shown in various media that despite their success in the workplace that they should put having romantic relationships or being married before their success. In short, women merely an either/or option, for single women this means that they are unsuccessful until they get married and have children or single women may be successful, but they will be forever alone.

Why Should I Care?

Single people do not have the same legal rights and benefits as married couples from the local to the federal level. If you care about the law should truly treat everyone equally, fairly, and justly, then you should care about the plight of single people regardless of your views concerning politics. Further, separate from politics, single people are often negatively portrayed in the media, in movies, and in television as being irresponsible and needy because they lack a significant other in their life. Finally, singles now outnumber those who are married in industrialized countries.

How Can I Help?

Be aware of how the media and popular culture portrays single people. Send in any stories that you or your friends, family, colleagues, or other communities have about living as a single person. In addition; if you have found anything on Secure Single of interest and would like to learn more about singles issues or learn how single people can better life, then please subscribe to Secure Single to receive updates that address topics from daily life, to singles issues, and current events about single people.