This is a simple list of fall activities for singles. Fall is officially here! Autumn is a time to enjoy seasonal activities and festivities of the season. Here are ten fall activities for singles to do this autumn. Here are ten fall activities for singles!

10 Fall Activities for Singles

Corn Maze

Find a corn maze and go alone or with friends. Get lost in the corn maze and have fun. Be careful to not run into any Children of the Corn or to find any Signs in the corn fields.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Go on a hot air balloon ride! Get up in the air instead of staying on the ground this fall. You can search “hot air balloon rides” where you live and go for a ride today.

Carve A Pumpkin

This is a classic fall activity. Carve pumpkins alone, with friends, or plan a pumpkin carving party. Have fun scooping out the pumpkin guts and cook the pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin Patch

Visit a pumpkin patch in your area and find a pumpkin to carve for Halloween.

Haunted House or Corn Maze

There are many fun fall activities for singles during autumn. Halloween is quickly approaching so go to a haunted house or corn maze. Fear is healthy and dictates your actions, but choose to embrace it and to direct it in the most positive way that you can.


Craft beer has boomed throughout the United States, but Oktoberfest is a historic event. Oktoberfest is a sixteen to eighteen day festival in Munich, Germany and is an important event in Bavarian culture. Oktoberfest is one of many fun fall activities for singles to participate in this fall. Find an Oktoberfest happening where you live this fall.

Fall Festivals

Attend a fall harvest festival. Harvest festivals are an event that celebrates the harvesting of crops and happens during different times depending on the climate and region. Research fall harvest festivals and experience something different this October.


Invite friends and have a bonfire. Build a bonfire and cook s’mores with friends. You can also dance around the fire and do any other fire-related activities that you want to do with your friends.


The same places that have pumpkin picking often offer hayrides too. Go on a hayride with your friends and breathe in the fall air.

Movie Night

The weather is getting cold outside making it a good decision to stay inside. Invite friends over and have a movie watching party. You can also watch Netflix, Hulu, or rent a movie for yourself. Stay inside and watch a movie.


There are plenty of fall activities for singles take part in to engage in the changing of the seasons. You can do these activities alone or with friends. Embrace being single, the single life, and the changing of the seasons!

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