There are many reasons why singles should be thankful not to be in a relationship or married this holiday season. You get to enjoy the holiday season alone, with friends, or with family. It is up to you how you want to celebrate the holidays. Here are ten reasons why being single during the holidays is great and why you should be thankful that you don’t have a significant other this holiday season.

Save Money

One of the great things about single is saving to prepare for your future or for that gift that you want to give yourself this Christmas. If you were dating someone, you would have to buy them a gift this Christmas. Depending on the person who you are dating, that gift may be expensive along with the other gifts that you have to buy for both your family and their family this Christmas.

Avoid Family Fights

Holidays. The time once or twice a year where families come together and have family fights. As a single, you can choose if you want to go home to participate in this annual event or find a way to celebrate in the city that you live in.


Don’t have to Buy Gifts for a Significant Other

Gifts often cost money. There are things that you have to pay for from student loans to rent to food each month. The cost of gifts cut into the money that you can put towards those necessities that will provide you more freedom once they are payed off or you are prepared to move towards the next step in your adult life.

Kiss Anyone Under the Mistletoe

Another fun reason to be single during the holidays is that you don’t have to only kiss your significant other under mistletoe, if you had one. You can kiss anyone who is under the mistletoe with you at Christmas parties this Christmas. Get practicing now and get some under the mistletoe this holiday season.

Christmas Parties

Christmas and holiday parties are everywhere! You can hang out with friends who are hosting a party. You can visit a bar or club that is having a party. This is a great chance to explore your city, try new places, and enjoy the festivities of the holiday season.

Learn to Make Eggnog

Real eggnog is a punch. It uses a couple different types of liquor, milk, sugar, and ice cream. It is creamy and delicious. Learn how to make it this holiday season and show it off to your friends at your next holiday party. You will become everyone’s favorite friend during the holidays after you learn to make traditional alcoholic eggnog. It is that delicious.

Stay Home or Travel

No significant other. Check. Family. Sure. You’re an adult so you get to decide where you want to spend your holiday. You could stay home in your city or go visit your family. You could also travel and explore the world during the holidays. It is your Christmas, You can decide where and with whom you want to spend it with on your own terms.


Christmas time can be hectic. It is fine to choose to relax and stay inside with a hot cup of cocoa (spiked is optional). You can watch your favorite tv shows, read, or work on projects that you have meaning to finish but never got around to finishing on time. Relax from the holidays.

Free from Couples

The single life offers freedom and flexibility. Being is a couple means restraint and unadaptable. As a single you are free from couples, except for friends and family who are couples. But you are free to do your own thing because you are not dating and are uncoupled! You get to decide how you want to celebrate the holiday season on your own!

Free from Obligations

Besides any family obligations if you go home for Christmas, you are free from holiday obligations. You are able to spend the holiday exactly how you want. You can go to as many or as little Christmas parties as you want. You can be happy during the holidays or you can be a Scrooge or Grinch this season. It is up to you since you have no holiday obligations, you can plan how to spend Christmas.

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