Singlehood is the state of being single unmarried. People are in the state of singlehood whether they are in a romantic relationship or if they do not have a romantic partner. This is, despite possibly being in a romantic relationship, an individual is still single since they are not married. In contrast, singleness is the state of deciding to be single by choice or to devote your life to the vocation of singleness by committing oneself to a religious order. Regardless of where in the single spectrum you fall, here are eleven ways to own your singlehood while you are single.

Personal Growth

Singlehood allows you to develop yourself and to get to know yourself more fully. This is a time to work on your physical, mental, and psychological health in preparation for when you enter a romantic relationship. This time lets you grow as a person and is a time to work towards achieving your personal goals.

Pursue Goals

As you work on your personal growth to become the best version of yourself, you should also focus on pursuing and achieving your life goals. Set your goals high. Want to learn a new skill? Do it. Want to start your own business? Write a business plan and aim to achieve your goal. What is your life goal that you want to make a reality? Being single is the best time to work on your goal because you are not restrained by a significant other or a family that you have to care for, you are able to pursue your goals with your full drive and ambition.



Singlehood provides singles a time to enjoy autonomy to do what they want while they are singe. Autonomy lets singles focus on and to control the full independence that the single life offers singles. This gives singles the freedom to live their live as they want without someone interfering with their life.


Solo traveling is the rise because more people are single today. This is a time to travel the world and to get to know different cultures outside of the country that you are from. Travel lets someone grow more and to try new foods and have new experiences that would not happen from the country that you are from. This is the first single woman to successfully travel the world.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is another important part to prepare while you are single. This is a time to build up your savings account and to create a diversified investment portfolio. As you save up and invest more money, you will gain more independence and become financially independent from your parents or from having to share a place with roommates.


Singles need to feel secure about the single life while they are single. There is nothing wrong with being single. Do not let society define your human worth by not dating anyone or not being married. Your human worth is inherent as a single. Have a peace in mind knowing that singles can flourish alone, now just become secure in your state of singlehood.


Singlehood gives singles more time to travel and to explore their city. Make the most use of your time to explore, to read, and to grow as an individual. By spending time on developing yourself and to do the things that are of interest to you will allow you to grow more as a person while you are single. Once you decide to enter a relationship, you will lose time since couples have less time and spend more time together compared to those who are single who can spend time to do what they want.



Similar to time, singlehood offers more flexibility for singles to choices about what they want to do. Singles have the opportunity to go to and from places that they want to without having to worry about another person holding them back. They can do what they want and live their lives fully as they want. Make the most of the flexibility that the single life offers.


Singlehood also offers a diversity of different types of singles. There are singles who are single, but who are in a romantic relationship. There are singles who are taking a break from dating, but want to date again. There are also singles who are single by heart who live their most authentic lives by being single and they may or may not be interested in dating. There are also singles who are single by choice who have lost interest in romantic relationships or who believe that the single life is the best way for them to live their life. There are also those who are single who have devoted their life to a vocation that transcends human relationships such as a religious order. That is just a basic explanation of the diversity of the different types of singles and the spectrum of singles that there are in the world.

Enrich Yourself

Singlehood is a time to enrich yourself and your life. Learn new skills. Set goals for yourself. Build your network to reach out to people as you start your career who could beneficial to you later. Start your own business. Save up and start to move out from your parent’s house. Visit the museums and gardens that are in your city. Get to know your friends more by asking them important questions about their life. Try new restaurants, bars, and lounges during happy hours. Single is a time to enrich your life by doing a range of different things that you have never done before and to improve any skills that you want to improve.


Devote Yourself to a Cause

Singlehood is a perfect time to devote yourself to a cause. Find a cause, organization, or religion or philosophy to devote yourself to as a single. This allows you to spend time with people who support the same cause as you as well as to give money to the cause. This will help it grow and to influence more people. You will be responsible for letting it grow and develop by volunteering your time or money to the cause, organization, or religion or philosophy. Find a cause today and volunteer.

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