Is it possible for you to have a thriving social life as a single? Absolutely yes! It will take some work, but you can have a social life as a single. You can develop a relationship with friends, people in your community, and the most important relationship, which is with yourself.


15 Ways To Have A Thriving Social Life As A Single


Rising Single Demographics


Contrary to how society portrays being single, it is not a dirty word. There is nothing wrong with being single! In fact, singles are a rising demographic! Currently, nearly 50% of adults in the United States are single. That roughly equals 127 million people! With that many people single, you can surely meet other people to have a thriving social life!


How You Can Have A Thriving Social Life As A Single


You have more time available to figure out where and how you want to spend your time as a single. Here are fifteen ways to have a thriving social life as a single.


Find A Hobby


You can explore a hobby. Explore a hobby. You can use your time single to try new things, including new hobbies. You could learn to knit. You could learn to build your computer. You could find new ways to make passive income. It should be something that you enjoy doing. A hobby should not be a source of stress. You can then use your hobby as a way to meet other people who also enjoy that hobby.


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Try New Things


Don’t be afraid to try new things. After all, this is how you figure out whether you like something. You can meet others who share the same interests and hobbies, share your same values, or share your same ambitions and goals. You can go to events in your area to meet new people. You could go to a bar, restaurant, or social event that sounds fun. You could go to a museum, see a ballet, or go to a concert. You could join a book club. You have many options. Just don’t be afraid to try new things. That is how you learn.


Find Likeminded People 


[bctt tweet=”Your five closest friends are a direct reflection of you. Are they who you want to be? Are they where you want to be in five or ten years?” via=”no”]


You can spend time with like-minded people. These will be people who share similar interests, beliefs, values, and worldviews. They will likely have similar views as you regarding politics, economics, and philosophy. They will probably be working towards similar life goals as you. You want to surround yourself with like-minded people who share your values and want to achieve the same things in life as you.


Nurture Quality Friendships


As you find like-minded people, you can start to nurture quality friendships. These are friendships that are important to you. You will likely want to nurture friendships with people who think and have similar values and goals as you. Your five closest friends are a reflection of you. Choose your friends wisely and ensure you are not friends with superficial people.


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Find A Mentor


Find a mentor in whatever it is that you may be interested in. It could be a business mentor. It could be a spiritual mentor. It could be a mentor from whom you can learn life lessons since a mentor is often older than the mentee. If you can find a mentor, it can save you lots of time and potentially save you from making horrible life decisions. The problem is that most people don’t have time to mentor someone because they have their problems to worry about.


Develop A Community


[bctt tweet=”You can be a part of many different types of communities, including health, spiritual, and professional communities.” via=”no”]


You can go to many places to begin building a community. A community will help you to make connections with people. Here are seven ways to begin to build a community around you.


Health Community


These are people who are interested in all things around health. They could be interested in naturopathy, Western medicine, Chinese medicine, or herbal remedies. If you enjoy these types of topics and discussions, you can look to find where these types of people meet.


Mental Health Community


You could also develop a mental health community. These are people who enjoy topics related to mental health. It could be therapy. It could be strategies to deal with mental health problems. They may also be interested in solutions to deal with mental health.


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Exercise Community


These are people who enjoy exercising and staying fit. They are interested in health as it relates to exercise. You could meet these people at your gym. You could meet them going out on a hike. You could also meet them during a yoga class.


Volunteer Community


Another way to meet people is by volunteering. You could volunteer for a non-profit. You could volunteer for a political campaign. You could volunteer at a church. You could also help your neighbor who lives next door or is in your neighborhood. Volunteering is another way to meet people.


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Spiritual Or Religious Community


If you are spiritual or religious, this is another way to get involved in your community. You can find a religious organization or church with groups you want to be a part of. You could help by seeing if they need any volunteers, or you could start your own group within the religious organization to meet other people.

Professional Community


Networking is vital to professional development. You can get involved with the professional community where you live. You can find Meetup networking events in your area. You could also go to the types of places that people with your professional background may be known to hang out at. You can also use online tools like LinkedIn to network with other professionals in your field. Networking is important.


Online Community


You can also build an online community. While an online community is not as beneficial to health as meeting people in person, there are still reasons to have an online community. You can make an online community by finding Facebook Groups where people who share your interests are a part of you. You can also find online professional groups on LinkedIn. In those groups, you can learn things from others or find information that may be useful to you. If you can, try to meet some of these people in these online groups in real life if any of them live near you.


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Get To Know The People You Rely On For Food


You can also get to know the people you rely on for food. You could meet people at your local farmer’s market. You could get to know farmers in your area. You could also get to know ranchers near or around where you live. This can help you get locally sourced food while making relationships with your local farmers, ranchers, and food producers. These types of relationships can help you become less reliant on big grocery store chains in case of supply chain issues.


For example, you could buy a whole or half of a cow from a local rancher and split the cost between your friends. You could then store the meat in your freezer. You may even get it at a lower price than your big chain grocery store because you bought it in bulk from a rancher.


Local Harvest has a search bar on its website to help you find and connect with your local farmers, ranchers, and farmers’ market in your area.


Learn To Enjoy Solitude


[bctt tweet=”Solitude can help you to be more productive. Don’t be afraid of being alone in solitude.” via=”no”]


Ultimately, the most important relationship is the one with yourself. If you cannot spend time alone in solitude, you may want to try to learn to enjoy it. Solitude can help with creativity. It can make you more productive. It can free you from distractions. You will find yourself achieving your goals when you spend time in solitude. This is because you are not constantly spending time with other people. When you spend more time in solitude then, you will begin to accomplish your goals because you are focusing on yourself.


Focus On Yourself


Learn to focus on yourself. Always be looking to find ways to improve yourself. It could be learning new skills or continuing to hone a skill you have already mastered. It could also be finding ways to build new revenue streams, from starting a side hustle to finding creative ways to make passive income. It could be moving to a less expensive state or even a less expensive country if you have the income and mobility to do so. You can do more than society tells you that you can do. It would help if you focused on your goals. You can begin to focus on yourself to achieve what you want in life.




You have many different options for how you can have a thriving social life as a single person. You can make friends with like-minded people. You can find ways to get involved with your local community. You can also work on developing an intrapersonal relationship by spending time in solitude and focusing on yourself.

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