More men are making their ways to the grocery stores to buy food to cook for themselves. Grocery shopping is an important life skills. Marriage is being delayed or put off completely resulting in more single men having to learn how to shop at the grocery store. It is important that men know how to shop because it is a life skill. All adults should know how to shop wisely and how to best spend money while at the grocery store. There are some best practices that single men should use when going to the grocery store that save time and money.

3 Best Grocery Shopping Practices For Single Men

Know How the Store is Organized

Single men should know how to navigate a grocery store. Grocery stores can be broken down to roughly six different sections. First, there is the vegetable section. Second, is the deli and prepared food section features side dishes and prepared chicken. Third, the meat section where you will find seafood and a range of different types of meats in the store. Next, the dairy section is where milk, yogurt, and cheese can be found and is often in the back of the store near the frozen food aisles. Fifth, the frozen aisle is often one the left side of the store and this is where the prepared frozen food can be found. Finally, the canned meat and pasta sections that are in the middle of the store. Those are the main parts of a grocery store.

Navigate the Store

After learning how grocery stores are set up, it is important to know how to be efficient when visiting the grocery store and to buy what is on your list. An important rule to save when going to the grocery store is to stick to a shopping list and not to go to the store when hungry. The simplest way to navigate a grocery store is to start at the fresh vegetables section and then work through the different sections. After all the groceries are picked up, it is time to go to the checkout.

Save Money

There are a few different ways to save money when going to the grocery store. If the produce and meat will be cooked in the day couple of days, buy vegetables and meat that marked downs prices. These reduced priced vegetables and meats should still be inspected before making the purchase, but often times they are fine. This will lower the grocery bill since meat is often the most expensive product at the grocery store. Another way to cut back costs and save money at the store is buy the store’s brand instead of major brand. The grocery store’s white label product is very similar to the branded product and sometime the store’s brand uses the very same source for its products as the name brand. Buy the store’s brand instead of the name product and save anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars. These two steps will help to save money on groceries at the store.


Grocery shopping is a life skill. It requires being committed to a grocery list and not spending more at the store than is required for the week. Single men can follow the three steps to assist them on their next shopping trip. It does not matter if it is the first time or one hundredth time shopping alone. Go in with a plan. Navigate the store. Be effective and get what is needed for meals that week. Purchase products that are listed at reduced prices and buy the store’s off brand.


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