Singles often face of variety of unique challenges in conducting our lives, since we don’t conform our lives to the marketing and retail strategies of giant corporations.
Grocery shopping for yourself can be more challenging than meal planning and shopping for a family. Plans change, portions vary, and wasting food is a real concern.
Rather than a cumbersome and exhaustive list with details that you won’t remember when you need to use specific tips, here is a short and sweet list of three key life hacks for grocery shopping as a single person.
1. Think about your upcoming schedule. How much time will you have? When will you be home?
2. Come up with meal ideas before you go shopping. What will you want to eat? What foods go well together? How about snacks? People often mix regular staples with variety, for an interesting and enjoyable diet.
3. Know your portions. Even if the store offers a great volume discount, if you don’t eat it all, and it spoils, you’ve wasted money instead of saving money. Freezing leftovers is a great tactic. Another option to consider is nicely packing excess food and bringing to friends or coworkers to share.
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