Society wrongly portrays anger as a negative feeling. It is simply another human emotion. These are three ways to properly use anger.

3 Ways To Properly Use Anger


The culture of niceness and new-age notions wants to eliminate anger. This could sometimes backfire on people who never learn to deal with anger. You can learn how to utilize your anger so that it flows through you to help you to achieve your ends.


The defensive feelings are love, joy, surprise, sadness, and fear.


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When you direct your anger inward rather than outward, it can be used to constructive ends. Anger, rage, and fury can help you to achieve your goals. There is a reason why anger is one of the six human emotions.

Anger Can Help You Identify A Problem


When you are angry and fueled with rage, you will be focused on finding ways to resolve the problem. If it is something that you have control over, then you can find a solution to it. If it is something outside of your control, then you may need to learn to move on. But if you are angry and can find a solution to the problem, your rage will push you on until you complete it. You won’t stop until you can finish it. Then your anger may begin to subside.


Anger helps to make you aware of a problem you may be dealing with. It could be finances, relationships, or healthier-related. You can then learn to properly direct your anger to start to resolve the problem that is making you angry.


Anger Can Make You Focused


You will be focused on fixing the problem that makes you angry. You will spend as much of your time as necessary to work to resolve the issue. Because you know that if you don’t solve it, you will continue to be enraged. You will continue to be fuming inside.


Rage can help to clarify things for you. Rather than being distracted by things that would usually bother you or you would waste your time doing, you choose not to give any attention to them. They distract you from your ultimate goal. The one that is making you angry. You want to remain focused until you can eliminate whatever is causing you to be pissed off all the time.


Anger As Motivation


When you are angry, you are very motivated to work to succeed. You will do what needs to be done to achieve whatever it is so you can alleviate the feeling of rage. It can be a very motivating emotion to drive you to do the things needed to achieve your goals or fix a problem that is pissing you off.


You may no longer care about ideals. You may start to become pragmatic. Sometimes you may need to start again. In that case, you must throw out everything you were taught as the right way to do things. But you won’t care. Your anger is motivating you. You will do whatever you need to do to succeed. Your rage will continue to fuel the fire until you have accomplished what must be done.


Set Your Anger Free


You can set your anger free. Your anger can help you if you allow it. It is simply a human emotion that society wrongly criticizes. Set your anger free. Release your rage. Stop allowing yourself to be bottled up inside. Use your anger. Allow your fury to help you.




Anger is often demonized as something terrible. It is just another human emotion. Appropriately directing anger can help you in ways that the other pleasant feelings never will. Anger is a powerful emotion, so popular culture does not want people to use it. Society wants people to be tamed and controllable. Anger resists and fights against the belief that you must be harmless.

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