When did The Great Resignation start? It did not begin with the pandemic. The Great Resignation has been in the news. It has been a topic people have been talking about since 2020 as employees left their jobs. Employees were leaving their jobs for many different reasons wanting to learn new skills, work online, or they may have been retiring. This article will go into the causes of The Great Resignation and when it began. Here are thirty reasons for The Great Resignation.


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  • [bctt tweet=”The Great Resignation is also called The Great Reshuffle, The Big Quit, and The Great Retirement.” via=”no”]
  • [bctt tweet=”The Great Resignation began in the 2010s.” via=”no”]
  • [bctt tweet=”Covid did not cause The Great Resignation.” via=”no”]
  • [bctt tweet=”More people are moving to online jobs such as remote work, freelancing, or starting an online business.” via=”no”]
  • [bctt tweet=”The cost of living continues to rise due to currency devaluation and inflation.” via=”no”]


30 Reasons For The Great Resignation



What Is The Great Resignation?


Key Point: [bctt tweet=”The other names for The Great Resignation are The Great Reshuffle, The Big Quit, and The Great Retirement.” via=”no”]


The Great Resignation, also called The Great Quit or The Great Reshuffle, is an ongoing economic trend in which employees decided to leave their jobs en masse starting in 2020.


The Great Resignation is still in the process and will most likely continue despite some mainstream outlets saying that it may be ending due to the pandemic coming to an end. It will probably not end soon as more businesses and people move from working in-person to online.





How Did The Great Resignation Start?


Key Point: [bctt tweet=”The Great Resignation began in the 2010s before the pandemic.” via=”no”]


The Great Resignation began long before the pandemic. How so? Everything was already moving online from the Dot Com boom in the early 2000s. During the 2010s, people found they were able to start their website, blog, or discover that they could work online. The Internet has created digital nomads, online businesses, remote work for companies, and freelancing.


The Internet has allowed people to find creative ways to discover their passion, make money, and grow an audience. A person only needs a website. An email list. A YouTube Channel. Then a person can find creative ways to monetize those different online platforms. These platforms and new opportunities that Millennials and Generation Z have embraced have accelerated the transition from working a traditional job to working online, whether owning an online business or freelancing. In short, The Great Resignation did not begin with the Covid Pandemic.




Key Point: [bctt tweet=”The Great Resignation did not start because of Covid.” via=”no”]


The first reason is the Covid Pandemic. The pandemic is the main reason people may think of as the cause of The Great Resignation. However, as shown above, it began earlier with the Internet.


The pandemic only accelerated businesses to embrace moving online. It also drove small companies to find new creative ways to make money, often at a lower cost than a traditional brick-and-mortar business. It has also allowed people to find new opportunities and earn income outside of a regular job.


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Government Mandates

The second reason is the government’s response to the pandemic. Covid, or the pandemic, did not mandate you to wear a mask, social distance, or get a shot to keep your job. The government and the health bureaucrats did that, not Covid. The government made the mandates. After a couple of weeks, if not sooner, some people got sick of these requirements and orders.


Businesses Making Employees Do Things To Keep Their Jobs


The third reason is that huge businesses enforced the government mandates by making employees wear face masks to get the Covid vaccine to keep their job. These employees got tired of their careers making them wear face masks, interacting with paranoid customers, and later their employer requiring them to get a Covid vaccine. These employees decided to resign or quit and find another alternative.  These employees may have found a business that did not enforce the mandates or found an online solution, such as becoming a freelancer, or content creator, or finding a way to do an online business.


The Great Retirement


The fourth reason is retirement. The Great Resignation is also called The Great Retirement. Baby Boomers are finally starting to retire. For Baby Boomers who are beginning to retire or planning to retire, The Great Resignation can be called The Great Retirement.


Some of the reasons for The Great Retirement are that Baby Boomers who were preparing to retire could spend more time with their families. They saw that the stock market was going up. They believe that they are ready for retirement. They put in their time over the years at work. They have put money into their 401ks and pensions. They have money in the stock market. They have in real estate for their retirement.



Discovering College Degrees Did Not Help Their Career


Key Point: [bctt tweet=”More people are transitioning to remote work or freelancing by working from home.” via=”no”]


The fifth reason is that younger people discover their college degree did not help them get a career. Millennials are the most educated generation, yet many find that they have trouble finding jobs that will turn into careers. Since more people have college degrees today, Millennials later went to graduate school or got a doctorate, thinking it would help their career. When they got out of higher education, they discovered that employers were not open to bringing on people with fancy degrees who had no work experience.




The sixth reason is relocation. The people who could afford to move from the big cities moved out of the cities due to the pandemic. They wanted to leave the crowded cities somewhere with more space and fewer people. The people with the means to either move out of the town or stay in the same area. Or, people moved to another state which often did not have the restrictions that were being done in essentially big cities.  These people either found a new job in another state or could work remotely with the company as more businesses began to transition to online work during 2020.


According to realtors, people were moving to other states. One realtor I follow on YouTube said that he was able to track where people were moving to gauge the real estate market using Uhaul moving data. In this article by Uhaul, you can see the top fifty states that people were moving to during the 2020 migration. In the video below, The Money GPS goes over the mass exodus from the big cities and shows where people are moving when they decide to leave a city.



Remote Work

The seventh reason is that more businesses are moving to remote work. Due to the pandemic, medium to large companies transitioned from in-person to remote positions. While this trend began earlier in the 2010s with websites like Upwork and Fiverr and people finding different ways to monetize websites, it did not go mainstream until 2020.


Now remote work is becoming a real option for people working from home rather than in the office while still working with a company. You can now search for remote work on job sites like Indeed, and various positions will come up. The majority of remote work positions are often related to technology, digital marketing, content creation, and video editing.




The eighth reason is that more people are becoming freelancers. In the 2010s, people could become freelancers and work from home. Freelancing offers people another alternative for working flexible jobs or making a career as a freelancer within their specialty. There is a range of different jobs that people can do as freelancers. The most popular freelancer jobs are writing blog posts, video editing, digital marketing, and virtual assistants. Of course, there are more jobs than those you can find on a freelancing website like Upwork.


A freelancer is a contractor compared to a traditional part-time or full-time employee. This has changed how people view the employer-employee relationship. As a contractor, an individual has more flexibility but will often not receive the traditional benefits of working at an established company. A freelancer will usually perform one or more jobs within their specialty unless they can find a full-time freelancing job on a freelancing website. Freelancing is different from remote work, where an employee will work remotely for an established company.


According to Flexiple, freelancing is a project to become the majority of the workforce by 2027. Two of the most popular freelancing website are Fiverr and Upwork. There are others as well. Freelancing websites will continue to grow as it is projected to grow and more people become aware of remote work and freelancing.




Key Point: [bctt tweet=”The pandemic, and the government’s response to the pandemic, forced many people to reconsider their life.” via=”no”]

The ninth reason is reconsideration. As a result of people being forced with lockdowns at the start of 2020, people began to reconsider what they were doing with their life. This led people to reconsider what they had been told. People also began to review what they wanted to do with their lives and find other work solutions outside the traditional workforce.  Some people spent that time watching Netflix and YouTube, while others used that time to learn more about themselves and to discover new ways to make money.



Learning New Skills


The tenth reason is that people began to learn new skills during lockdowns. During that time, people noticed that everything was going online and digital. These people recognized this shift and had to work to learn new skills to adapt to the changing economy. They may have discovered a new talent by watching YouTube videos on a topic, taking an online course, buying a digital system on a topic or a skill, or reading articles online on a skill they wanted to learn. As they learned new skills to prepare for the changing economy or hone their skills, they worked to become more competitive with employers. Some may have used this time to learn new skills to improve, grow their business, or move online.


Changing Careers Or Jobs


As people learned new skills, they were prepared to change careers due to the pandemic. They were working to improve their skills to work on their own. They began to focus on learning skills that could be done online or in-demand skills for the digital economy. These skills include e-commerce, content creation, digital marketing, keyword research, and search engine optimization.


The Great Reshuffling


The Great Resignation has resulted in The Great Reshuffling. It is called significant reshuffling. This is because people are moving states, transitioning jobs, or making career changes during the time of uncertainty that came with the pandemic. The tension and sudden changes that came because of the government mandates changed people’s behavior. People started to find different ways to make an income, move to another state, and even move to another country if they could be digital nomads.




Another reason is the reluctance of employers or employees to want to go back to work in person. Businesses may have concerns that if they do not enforce the mandates, they could get fined, which would affect a business’s bottom line. Employees were reluctant to return to work because they did not want to go along with the work requirements required by the government mandates that companies were enforcing on their employees and, to a certain degree, on customers. This reluctance made these employees search for alternative ways to make money, so they resigned. The employees who left may have become a freelancer, content creators, or agreed to work to start their own online business by going into business for themselves.


Gig Jobs


Key Point: [bctt tweet=”A remote worker, freelancer, or someone who owns an online business can work anywhere around the world as a digital nomad.” via=”no”]

The fourteenth reason is that the gig economy has created many different gig jobs. Gig jobs are the new entry-level service jobs. It is not uncommon for people, especially Millennials, to work multiple gig jobs if they can’t get a regular full-time job. They could work random gig jobs online as freelancers, test new products, resell things online with drop shipping, or find random jobs online. They could also drive with Uber, deliver food with Grub hub or Uber Eats, or deliver groceries with Instacart. All these types of gig jobs exploded during the pandemic in 2020.


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Digital Nomads


The Internet has created digital nomads. Digital nomads are people who make money online, which gives them the flexibility to work anywhere in the world. A digital nomad may be a remote worker, a freelancer, a content creator, or own an online business. Working online allows people who want to travel, see the world, work on the beach, or live in a country with a lower cost of living than a country like the United States.


Online Businesses


Those who were more entrepreneurial may have decided to start their own online business instead of continuing to be an employee and working for someone else. These people chose to spend their time learning how to set up an online business. This is easier today and costs less than starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business. It can be done for only a few grand or less if correctly.


An online business only needs a website, an email list, a YouTube Channel, later can add social media, and finally, needs to sell a product or a service. An online business can also create passive income from affiliate programs, advertising, and people buying digital products or services that only need to be made once. An online company can then hire freelancers to do a job as often as needed or keep them on for as many hours as required to do their job.


Solo Entrepreneurship


Since online businesses are leaner, they do not need the overhead of many employees. This has given rise to solo entrepreneurship. Online companies require less overhead and upfront costs than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. For this reason, they are lean and don’t need full-time employees. A person can start an online business independently and work to grow it by adding freelancers as the business grows.


Becoming Content Creators


Another option was for people to become content creators. The most popular type of content creator is a YouTuber for Millennials. The most popular type of content creator is a TikToker for Generation Z. Being a content creator and becoming influencer on these platforms.  Content creators can make money from advertising, then find ways to build an online business within their niche. They also can create content from anywhere, depending on the type of content a creator makes.


Physical Economy


While the physical economy of brick-and-mortar stores will never entirely go away, more businesses are moving to e-commerce, online business, or finding a way to add an online component to a physical business. Some features of the physical economy can never be replaced, like truckers, retail, grocery, delivery, or companies that need to be done in person. However, some of these jobs can be replaced by technology, further displacing workers.


With the lockdowns and incentives from the government through mandates, laws, and regulations, there is more incentive for people to move to the online digital economy. The cost of starting a business is less. You will need less overhead. You don’t need to worry about the types of insurance a physical business may need to have if an employee gets injured and wants compensation. All of your employees can be contractors. This will mean that you also won’t have to provide them with other benefits, depending on the size of your business.





Key Point:[bctt tweet=”The Internet has created new ways people can make money and grow their businesses outside the traditional physical economy.” via=”no”]

Centralized institutions like the government, central banks, mainstream media, and the higher education system do not want decentralization because if it succeeds, these institutions are no longer needed in society. With the rise of the Internet, which is now moving to Internet 3.0, decentralization gives freedom to people. It provides more options and choices to people by finding a range of different.




Technology has played a critical role in creating more opportunities for people. Technology has given rise to digital nomads, remote work, freelancing, and online businesses. It has also played a vital role in moving toward decentralization. Technology has also given decentralized currencies like cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being the most well-known, an alternative to the fiat currencies that central banks print and governments force their citizens to use in society. However, technology also has negative consequences that benefit businesses and affect employees.


Replacing Employees With Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence, or AI, is replacing jobs and will only continue to displace jobs in the future. The types of jobs that artificial intelligence will replace repetitive jobs, use patterns, are data-driven or come up with different ideas that someone may not think about. Artificial intelligence is being used more in software applications and technology that can scan a large amount of information and make recommendations. It can also automatically make changes that replace the need for a person to manually create the differences depending on the sophistication of the software or technology.


Younger people, Millennials and Generation Z are aware that jobs are being replaced by technology. There are many different jobs that artificial intelligence can replace or take away hours from workers with this technology. They are working to transition to set themselves up in a future with a job where they can’t be replaced. Software with artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to read.


Replacing Employees With Robots


Along with artificial intelligence, robots are already being rolled out in some countries replacing workers. They will likely be seen in other countries as companies replace employees with robots. The two prominent examples of robots starting to replace employees are Flippy which flips burgers, and Chipotle’s new robot named, Chippy, which makes tortilla chips. Due to the worker shortage, businesses. From a business perspective, robots replacing these jobs will save employers money because they don’t need to pay health insurance, raise wages, or worry about an employee not showing up for work. This is a real risk from an employee perspective, depending on where you work.


Everything Is Moving Online


With the rise and popularity of the Internet, everything is moving more online. Social media helped this transition as people became comfortable sharing and posting about themselves on their social media accounts. The Internet gives people the freedom and flexibility to work online or start their own online businesses.


Wage Stagnation


Key Point: [bctt tweet=”The dollar continues to devalue as a currency while prices and inflation continue to rise in the United States, forcing people to find alternative ways to make money.” via=”no”]


People, especially younger people, are tired of working dead-end jobs. Many young people, including myself, bought into the broken promise that if you go to college, you will be able to get a good job, work your way up in a company, and enjoy the American Dream of eventually owning a home. According to Don’t Quit Your Day Job in 2021, the median income for men was $51,121, while the median income for women was $39,000. According to Zillow, the average cost of a house in the US is now around $330,533 up 20% from last year. The median work income compared to the price of buying a house has priced out many people. Logically, these younger people began to look at other options or find creative ways to create extra income streams. Wages are not keeping up with the rising cost of living and inflation. Real inflation is higher than the 8% reported by the government and the Federal Reserve.


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The Rising Cost Of Living


People, especially younger generations, recognize that job security is no longer a thing, and they can’t work their way up the traditional route in companies like previous generations. The cost of living only increases, and young people continue to see themselves being priced out of the housing market. With the rising cost of gas and food, even more of the money young people make must go to necessities rather than trying to save, invest, and work to buy a house of their own. According to Zillow, the average price of a home in the United States is now $337,560. Rent also continues to go up as well across the US. The cost of gas continues to rise too, so if you have to drive to work, that is cutting into what you make as you go to and from work.


The average cost of energy went up an additional $1,000 in 2021 for American households. Americans continue to go into credit card debt, and that trend only grew in 2021. According to Study Finds, nearly 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. They struggle to make ends meet in their lives. The rising cost of living is only making it more difficult for Americans who live paycheck to paycheck. Combine already working Americans living paycheck to paycheck with rising costs due to inflation, and things are not looking good. The middle class is being systematically destroyed. The Federal Reserve and government policies are destroying the middle class.


Broken Social Contract


The social contract is a theory in political philosophy that there is a contract between individuals and their government. It has also been applied to individuals and society. The social contract theory has also been applied to the employer and employee relationship in the workplace. All three of these are breaking or have been broken if you go along with the social contract theory.


The government has not protected the rights of its citizens. It has infringed and taken away their rights. This is particularly evident with the pandemic and goes back even further with the agencies created after 9/11, further restricting people from traveling.


The social contract has been broken between individuals and society by the various institutions no longer doing their jobs. The mainstream media is the most prominent example of this, both on the left with CNN and on the right with Fox News. They are not the Fourth Estate as people are told that they are to keep politicians and the government in check. The mainstream media is propaganda, and more people are going to alternative, independent news sources online.



The social contract has been broken between employers and employees. In the West, especially in the United States, the average worker’s wage cannot keep up with inflation. More employers are moving from part-time or full-time employees who traditionally provided benefits to contractors, such as freelancers, because they can be paid less and don’t need to provide them with benefits. Employees are looking for new ways to make money to make ends meet and move up the social ladder.


A vital question must first be asked about the social contract. Do you remember signing it? If so, when and where? What exactly did you agree to? What were the terms and conditions?


Job Security Is A Thing Of The Past


Job security is now a thing of the past. Employees can no longer expect to receive the benefits, 401K, and pensions that traditionally came with a full-time job from an employer. People are starting to recognize that job security is no longer the case. They are working to find other ways to make money and an income outside of the traditional workforce. Freelancing, becoming a content creator, and starting an online business are three options for those who recognize that job security is now a broken social contract.


Work To Make Multiple Streams Of Income


While job security is now a thing of the past, the Internet and online businesses allow people to create multiple income streams. The Internet provides many different ways to do that. People can start a website and get revenue from advertising, affiliate programs, selling digital courses and products, and being a coach or consultants. A YouTube Channel is another way to reach people and make money from ads while reaching an audience to sell the products or services within your niche and sub-niche. It is also easier to write a book to self-publish today so that you don’t have to deal with a publishing house to keep more of the money from your book. There are many other options, from drop shipping to selling products on Etsy. It requires more creativity, thinking outside of the box, and knowing that there are options outside of a regular job.



The American Dream Is Dead


In brief, the American Dream is dead unless you can find ways to make it in the Age of the Internet. Entry-level jobs like fast food, retail, and even some tech jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots. The rise of inflation and the rising cost of real estate makes it difficult, if not impossible, for regular people to buy a house.




There are many reasons for The Great Resignation, The Big Quit, The Great Reshuffle, or The Great Retirement. No matter what you may call it, these are only thirty reasons for The Great Resignation. You may be able to think of other reasons that are causing people to leave the traditional workforce.


What do you think about The Great Resignation? Are you taking part in it? Do you believe that there is a social contract? Leave a comment in the comment section and let us know.

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