Make the most of being single instead of considering it as a bad time of life There are many reasons to enjoy being single. The single life is often considered lesser than coupled and married life, but it is not. Here are 30 ways to make the most of being single today!

30 Ways To Make The Most Of Being Single!


The single life offers the freedom to act, discover, and do as you please without the restraints of a significant other or spouse telling you how you should act. This freedom allows singles to thrive and to live their lives as they choose without someone instructing them how to act.


Security is another characteristic of the single life because it is vital that singles are secure in being single. Being a secure single means that you are confident in your singlehood and you are not looking to be in a relationship merely to date someone. There are different types of singles, but confidence and being a secure single is preferable to being in a wrong relationship.


Singles have the ability to travel and explore their neighborhoods, cities, and the world as they want while being single. Singles have no ball and chain to tie them down. In the meantime, explore and experience different cultures and countries. Get out of your comfort zone and go somewhere new whether it’s a new restaurant or a new country.


In a society that idolizes romantic relationships and marriage, friendships are neglected. Friendships are important in developing who people become. Singles, for this reason, should choose their friends carefully and focus on spending time with the friends who share their values and life goals.


A great part about being single is that the single life provides flexibility. Singles are able to direct their life as they want and to do as they please without being constrained by a partner.


Singles volunteer more compared to their coupled and married counterparts. Volunteering is a way to give back to the community whether it is a church, nonprofit, or politics.


Singles can make the most of being childfree by knowing that they are saving money. The average cost to raise a child up to age 17 is $233,610 today. That money that would be spent on rearing a child; singles can put into savings, investments, insurance, or buying a first house.

Don’t Settle

Relationship-oriented singles should never settle for someone who will end making them unhappy and leave them disappointed. In contrast, those who are single by choice should never settle in life and compromise in achieving their goals to please their friends or family. Never settle for mediocre when you can truly be great.

Personal Development

Being single allows for personal development. You are able to develop your own interests and to grow into who are you as a complete person without a significant other influencing or interfering as you develop yourself.


Following personal development is self-discovery. The single life allows you the chance to discover who you are as an individual from your personal tastes to your likes and dislikes. Self-discovery is also a process that is required to mature and grow in life as an individual.


Being single you do not need validation from a significant other, a partner, or a spouse. You are validated for who you are as an individual, not by someone else. Your validation comes from who you are and from your confidence in yourself instead of from a romantic relationship.


Being single allows you to pursue your own life goals. Goals are important to have in life and it is important to never compromise on achieving your dreams and goals. The single life gives you the freedom and flexibility to work to achieve your personal goals.


It is important to have a job and to build your reputation as a professional in your field. Being single allows you to fully focus on your career and to develop the skills needed to become exceptional in your field.

Better To Be Single Than In A Wrong Relationship

For relationship-oriented singles and involuntary singles, it is better to be single than to be in a relationship with the wrong person. Why? It is better to grow as an individual instead of wasting time with a romantic relationship merely to be in a relationship, Singles need to know that being in a relationship or being married does not validate you as a person because you have intrinsic value as a person regardless of your relationship status.

Emotionally Unavailable

There is nothing wrong with being emotionally unavailable. Enjoy your time being single and use it as a time to grow and to prepare yourself for a future relationship. This is a time to focus on yourself and to mature into the person who you want to become in order to be prepared for when you meet the right person to be in a relationship. Until that time comes, choose to thrive as a single person.

Skill Development

Modern society requires a range of skills and experience to get to where you ultimately want to be as a career professional. Take your time being single to develop the skills that you need to get ahead in life and to get where you want to be in life. Outside of the professional arena, skill development can range from learning to cook to leadership skills.


Singles are able to better control their lives because they are responsible solely for their own actions. Control your own life and navigate according to how you want to live your life.


You are the sole person in charge of your finances. This is a time to prepare for later life by putting your money into savings, certificates of deposit, and investments to grow wealth. Ultimately, it is up to you if you want to spend or save your money. Your finances are yours after all.


Singles exercise more than their coupled and married counterparts. You’re sexy and you know it. Exercise and be proud of your body!

Happy Alone

Learn to be happy spending time alone. Solitude is healthy. You don’t always need to be with friends to have a good time. Be comfortable spending time alone by reading a book or going to a restaurant alone to people watch.

Have Not Met The One

For relationship-oriented singles and those who are involuntarily single, they just haven’t met the right person yet. There is ultimately no such thing as soulmates, even though it is taught by Greek mythology and idolized by society. Despite that fact, singles who want to pursue a relationship are free to do so and can enjoy the single life until they meet their calling where they find someone who they want to marry.

Happily Single

Happy and single do not make an oxymoron. People can truly enjoy being happily single.


There are many ways to develop and to heal as an individual. Meditation and prayer are important to eliminate negative thoughts and to connect to something that is greater than ourselves whether it be positive energy, Earth, or God.


Knowledge is important. Being single allows singles to grow in knowledge by reading books from great thinkers and attending events that feature influential speakers.


You can make the most of being single by spending time with your family. Family is important because the families provide support, built-in connection, and help to develop soft communication skills. While everyone’s family is different and has different dynamics, family is important in the life of singles.

Sex Life

Singles are not constrained to one person who they have vowed to love and to cherish. Singles have the freedom and the choice to hookup as much or as little as they want with modern technology.


You can make the most of being single by learning how to manage your money. You are already saving money if you are childfree. Now learn how to budget, save, and invest to grow your money and your net worth.


Singles are able to makes the most of being single by utilizing independence. You direct and determine the outcome of how you want to live as a person. You don’t need to be with someone to care for yourself because you are responsible for self-care from health learning to depend on yourself.


Community is important in the lives of singles. Your community is your friends, social groups, and organizations where you spend your time. The community that you spend your time with will often be aligned with your individual values. Choose to spend time with a community that reflects you and the life goals that you want to achieve.

Personal Growth

Being single allows for personal growth because you are self-reliant. Personal growth depends on you and the choices that you make from the friends you choose to the personal goals that you set for yourself.


Make the most of being single by applying the values of the single life and knowing these reasons why it is awesome to be single!

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