Christmas dinner during the holiday can be awkward with family, extended family, in-laws, and friends who will ask you all questions that are on all of their minds. After all, this is normally the one time of the year where you all see each other. They will ask, why are you single and why are you not seeing anyone? You are handsome or gorgeous after all. Here is a Christmas conversation guide for how to respond to the Christmas Scrooge at Christmas dinner this year.

4 Responses To The Family Scrooge At Christmas Dinner

Why Are You Still Single?

I’m single because the single life has much to offer. In fact, why it is a problem? Why is your concern if I’m unmarried? Would you like if I asked you, why aren’t you divorced yet or how your marriage is going? Great, glad that we are both on the same page now.


When Was Your Last Relationship?

The values of the single life are not recognized by this question. It assumes that being in a relationship is always the best thing that could happen to me, which is false. How is your marriage going? Are you considering getting a divorce? Maybe you would enjoy being single again.


Is There Anyone Who You Have Your Eyes On?

Why should I have my eyes on anyone? Sure, I see handsome men or beautiful women, but that doesn’t automatically make me interested in them? I very much enjoy being single. If you truly care about me, you should be happy for me. Why is this such a concern to you? I hope you get visited by your ex of your past, your ex of the present, and your ex of your future just like Scrooge for asking me these questions.

I know you recently got married, how is that going for you? Have you got your eyes on anyone else besides your partner? Since you were the one who brought this up, I thought I might ask as well.


Do You Plan to Have Children?

How is that an acceptable question for you to ask me? I have never asked you about your sex life, how it is in the bedroom, what your favorite position is, and whether or not the children you have were planned.  Plus, many of my friends who are single by circumstance don’t want to date anyone who may want to have children. They are childless by choice. Can you respect that? It’s not like the human race is going to die off anytime soon.


These are four short and simple response recipes to help you this Christmas, should that uncle you see once-a-year ask you an impolite question and become the Scrooge at this year’s Christmas family gathering.


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