This is a concise 48 hour solo travel guide to San Francisco for singles to plan their next trip.

There are many cities in the United States that singles can plan a solo travel trip to this summer, but San Francisco is an important city on the West Coast. There are a number of well-known companies that are based in the San Francisco Bay Area such as Apple, Dropbox, Cisco, and Sephora. If you ever find yourself in San Francisco but are short on time, here is a 48 hour solo travel guide to San Francisco.

48 Hour Solo Travel Guide to San Francisco

Day 1


Breakfast at Mama’s

Start your morning in San Francisco by visiting Mama’s in North Beach at Washington Square. Yelpers recommend the Monte Cristo and omelets. Get your morning started right with breakfast or brunch at Mama’s!

Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill

You will not want to miss the breathtaking views of San Francisco that can be seen from Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill in Jackson Square.


Fisherman’s Wharf

After climbing Coit Tower and seeing the view of San Francisco from up high, head down to sea level to explore Fisherman’s Wharf. At Fisherman’s Wharf, you will see street performers along with views of Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge. Sea Lions are known to gather around Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf. Since you are at Fisherman’s Wharf you need to enjoy seafood for lunch.

Lunch at Franciscan Crab Restaurant

The Franciscan Crab Restaurant has a view of Alcatraz and is located in Fisherman’s Wharf. Yelpers recommend getting the Clam Chowder, Calamari, and of course Crab. The restaurant even provides binoculars so you can fully enjoy the view while you wait for your food.

Go to Alcatraz

Catch a boat after lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf to visit the famous former prison. There are audio and guided tours available at Alcatraz for you to see the cell blocks. The Alcatraz tour even allows you to stand in the prison cells of infamous criminals such as Clarence Anglin, Harvey Bailey, and James Boarman. Be careful not to leave the tour and accidentally get locked in a cell.


Dinner Italian Homemade Company

Enjoy fresh homemade The Italian food for dinner after escaping from Alcatraz for a meal which will not be your last. It is a short walk from Fisherman’s Wharf and Italian Homemade Company is known for its homemade pasta and the restaurant is known to have some of the best Italian food in San Francisco. Yelpers say all of the food is good but Yelpers especially recommend the gnocchi, Bolognese sauce, and Piadina.

After Dinner Drinks at the Rusted Mule

After a delicious Italian dinner, you can head to the Rusted Mule for after dinner drinks. The Rusted Mule is the first dedicated mule bar in San Francisco. It is a large lounge that is known to host some of the hottest parties in the cities. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a cocktail or two.

Go Dancing at Infusion

Now that you have tried a cocktail at one of San Francisco’s famous lounges, time to go dancing. Infusion is an underground dance club. You can fallow Infusion on Instagram to know what type of music will be playing at the club that night as well as to learn about any promotions the club may have that night too.

SoMa Loft

Stay at an Airbnb in a beautiful loft in the heart of SoMa. There is an amazing view of the city along with a rooftop area. Enjoy your night in style and get ready for day two.

Day 2


Breakfast at Brenda’s French Soul Food

Wake up to enjoy day two and start your day right by getting breakfast at Brenda’s French Soul Food. Yelpers recommend the Crawfish Beignet, Shrimp and Grits, Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict, and mimosas. After breakfast, it is time to get some exercise.


Golden Gate Bridge

You can Uber, Lyft, or take the Muni bus to the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge. You will need to catch the bus at 30-Stockton to Braderick on Stockton and Sutter, if you will be taking the bus to the Golden Gate Bridge. Once you arrive to the Golden Gate Bridge, you can walk across the bridge and you will find a number of different hiking trails which range in difficulty. The best view of the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from the Slacker Ridge Trail. However, whichever trail you decide to take the views of the Golden Gate Bridge are phenomenal.

Lunch with a View

Bring a packed lunch from Brenda’s and enjoy a picnic while looking at the Golden Gate Bridge.


Dinner at Nopalito’s

You will want to take Route 1 back by heading south to stop for dinner at Nopalito. Nopalito is a sustainable organic Mexican kitchen. Yelpers recommend the totopos, ceviche, gorditas, and quesadillas. The restaurant has multiple locations but there is one located in the Inner Sunset neighborhood which is perfect for dinner after a hike.

Ocean Beach

Following dinner, be sure to head down to Ocean Beach. Be sure to time your dinner time at Nopalito’s so that you can catch the sunset over the Pacific at Ocean Beach.

Twin Peaks

After catching the sunset at Ocean Beach, make your way to the Twin Peaks which are in the middle of San Francisco. The Twin Peaks provide some of the best views of San Francisco.


The next time you are planning a short trip make use of this 48 hour solo travel guide to San Francisco. It will be a quick trip, but it will be a worthwhile trip. Plan your next trip to California and get more ideas from All The Rooms. Happy and safe travel singles!

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