Friends and friendship are undervalued in a society that is infatuated with romantic love, dating, and marriage. While those are good things, the neglect of friendship can lead to not fully realizing the importance of friends and what your friends bring to your life. They will help to shape you as a single, whether or not you are interested in dating and later getting married because you hang out with them and value their opinions. Friends are an important part of developing yourself as an individual and help to shape who you will become in your life. Friends play an integral part in the lives of singles to grow as a person and also help singles fully enjoy life.


Friends help make you into who you are and who you will become in your life. The friends you hang out with the most likely enjoy similar things and share similar views about the world as you. There are many qualities that singles should look for and value in a good friend. A true friend is hard to find, but here are five ways to spot a true friend in your life.


5 Signs Of A True Friend And Of Friendship



They respect you and likewise you respect them. Respect is the foundation of relationships. Without respect there can be no trust and friendships cannot go deeper. Would you spend time with someone who you don’t respect? Of course not. They respect you for who you are and they want to help you to become the best version of yourself.


Once respect is used as the foundation, trust is built. Trust leads to strong friendships. Trust requires that both parties in the friendship be clear about what they require to gain their trust. Once that step has been hurdled, the friendship can become something great. You can trust your friend with what you share with them. After trust is established, a strong friendship can be erected between you and your friend. Trust is a beautiful thing.


A good friend is willing to listen to what you are saying and help you to overcome a problem that you are facing in life. You would do the same for a good friend. The ability to listen is a skill and is best developed and improved between good friends. Listen to what your friend and they will likely listen to you as well.


Time is the only resource that cannot be taken back or made back up. For this reason, it is invaluable. When a friend is willing to give up their time to meet with you or to hang out with you, it most likely means that they are a good friend. Spend the time together doing things that you both enjoy, having conversations, and doing activities that both people appreciate.

Cheer and Encouragement

A good friend will be your biggest cheerleader. They want to see you reach your life goals. They encourage you to become the best version of yourself. If you have someone like this in your life, be sure to keep them around because having a cheerleader in life is valuable.


These are five of the easiest signs that someone is a good friend. Friendship is vital to life. It is important for singles to value their friends and to know who their good friends are to fully enjoy the single life. Keep a look out for these five marks of a good friend and recognize that a wonderful friendship is meaningful. Pursue great friendships instead of the fanciful soulmate.


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