Happy National Friendship Day! This holiday that is celebrated on different days around the world, but the first Sunday of August is the standard day for the holiday. Friendship is important. Friendships influence who you become. Friendships evolve. Friendships end. Friendship is part of life. In a world that adores romance and couples (Valentine’s Day), it is even more important that singles celebrate National Friendship Day. Friendship is vital to human growth and here are five ways that singles can celebrate National Friendship Day.


Host Friends at Your Place

Hosting is a valuable life skill. Plan an event with your closest friends. Invite them over and provide some snack. You can provide the drinks, or you can ask them to bring their own beverage. Simply create a Facebook event and invite your friends to your event. Be sure to let them know that you appreciate their friendships and want to celebrate being friends on National Friendship Day.

Friends Playing Ping Pong with Balloon


Go Out to Eat

This is one of the simpler options. It will cost more than hosting a simple get together for your friends, but it is easier and you don’t have to deal with cleaning up after your guests. Contact a few of your closest friends and let them know that you want to get together on National Friendship Day to celebrate being friends. Start by providing an few restaurant options and find a time that works with your friends, then just make a reservation at the final restaurant for you and your closest friends.

Groups of People at Restaurant Tables


Get Together for Drinks

Happy hour is always a great time to get together with friends for some drinks. Discounted drinks and food at you and your friends’ favorite bar or restaurant. The problem is most places don’t offer happy hour on Sundays, which is the day of the week of National Friendship Day. Celebrate your friendship by trying someplace new or take it up a level by going to a nicer bar or cocktail lounge instead of the standard sports bar that you may meet your friends at. It’s always five o’clock somewhere and it’s always fun to drink with friends. Enjoy yourselves, toast to your friendship, and remember to be safe.

Friends Pilsner Cheers


Never Have I Ever and Two Truths and a Lie

This builds off of number three, but instead of meeting up with your friends somewhere for drinks provide basic bar snacks and play some drinking games. These games will accomplish two things on National Friendship Day. First, you will be drinking and cheering with your friends celebrating being friends together. Second, there are some drinking games that will test how well you know your friends while getting to know them more. Two fun drinking games that are fun to bond over are never have I ever and two truths and a lie. Sounds like fun. This could become a monthly event.

Three Female Friends Laughing and Telling Secrets


Get Out In Nature

It is good and healthy to go out in nature. It is even better to go out and explore nature with your best friends. It can be as basic as going to a park. Or, it can be more complicated by planning a day hike with your friends. Go out and be one with nature with your friends.

Two Women Dancing Out in Nature


Friendship is essential to life. It is often underappreciated in a society that is infatuated by couples and romance. It is crucial that singles have friends and have a community. That is why National Friendship Day is a perfect fit for singles. It’s merely an excuse to meet up with you friends. It is a holiday after all.

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