Unnatural to be Single

Is it unnatural to be single? Of course not!

Society, and some people, believe it is unnatural to be single. The assumption behind this belief is that people are better if they are paired off and married. This fallacious belief stigmatizes singles by treating the single life as only a desperate temporary time of life with the only objective to find a mate. Contrary to what society and some people may say, it is not unnatural to be single. It is, actually, the most natural state of life. Here are six reasons why it is more natural to be single than to date and to marry.

6 Reasons Why It Is Not Unnatural To Be Single 

Unnatural to be Single

Everyone Is Born Single

This may seem obvious, but everyone is born single. People remain single until they decide to pursue a romantic relationship and to marry. Both of those are not are options when someone is born. People are born and welcomed into the world as singles. It is not unnatural to be single.

Unnatural to be Single

Everyone Has Rights As Individuals

Singles have rights as individuals. These individual rights are given by nature, not by the government. While there are more than one thousand laws that benefit married couples that are given by the government, those are positive rights while individual rights are negative rights. The focus for singles should not be to get the government to give them more rights, but to protect their natural individual rights. This in turn will better allow singles along with others, whether living with a partner or married, to be equal because they have the same natural rights. According to this view, compared to positive rights, a relationship status ultimately does not matter because everyone has natural rights as individuals.

Unnatural to be Single

It Allows For Personal Growth

Being single is the perfect to grow as a person. The single life allows for personal growth, health, and to learn how to live alone. It also is a time to enjoy being independent instead of dependent on a partner.

Unnatural to be Single

Personal Responsibility

It is not unnatural to be single because being single is a time to learn personal responsibility. It is a time to work on a budget, be accountable for choices and actions, grow in character, and to develop personal and professional skills. Personal responsibility mirrors nicely the values of the single life because they work together to develop singles and the different directions singles can choose to navigate their lives.

Unnatural to be Single

Decision Or A Vocation

There are many reasons why people are single. There are relationship-oriented singles and those who are single by circumstance. But there some single who are single by choice. Being single can be a choice. Staying single can also be a vocation if it is chosen as a state for religious purposes or to pursue something greater outside of oneself.

Unnatural to be Single

Everyone Dies Single

This ends on a realist note, but everyone dies. Memento mori singles. Also on a realistic not, although there have been couples who have died close to each other in time is documented, they still did not die at the same time. People die single, regardless if a spouse died first or if they never married and remained single for life. In the end, hopefully people die with their loved ones around them. Ultimately, everyone is born single and dies single.

Unnatural to be Single

The next time someone tells you that it is unnatural to be single or stigmatizes you for being single. Remember these six reasons for why it is natural to be single. And remember, it is awesome to be single!


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