Are you feeling blue because don’t have a romantic partner? A recent report found that 51% of people between the ages of 18 to 35 currently are single and do not have a romantic partner. But instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have. You are part of a large demographic of people who are single, unmarried, and do not have a romantic partner which is wonderful!

Are You Alone Because You Are Without a Romantic Partner?


Alone Without a Romantic Partner

The 21st Century is the age of single people! That is great because you do not need a romantic partner to live a happy life. You are responsible for your own happiness. You can shop for groceries alone. You can manage your finances alone. You can move up in your career or start a business on your own. You can go on solo travel trips alone. You are responsible for you! Life does not require a romantic partner to be successful and to find happiness.


Even if you are interested in dating and want to marry, you can use your time being single to grow as a person and to mature in your career. This will help you to be prepared both financially and supportively for once you start a romantic relationship. Plan for your future. It may include a romantic partner or spouse. It may not. Even if you do get married, you may get divorced and become single again. Being in a romantic relationship does not equal happiness or being successful in life.


You are not alone without a romantic partner. You can learn to enjoy your time alone without being lonely. You can find a community which shares your same interests to grow as a person and to have a good time. You can also spend time with your family and friends. Being singles does not mean being lonely. If you are single and unmarried, by not having a romantic partner or a spouse does not make you have less value as an individual.


Rather than focusing on finding ‘The One’ or forcing a relationship, view your time being single as a time to learn more about yourself and to develop as a person as well to learn more about others and the world. More people are remaining single longer, delaying marriage, or deciding to never marry. You are not alone without a romantic partner because you are single. As part of that large and growing demographic, it is time to embrace the single life and to thrive as a single person!


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