In today’s world, current research still concludes that men prefer women who are less ambitious than themselves. This state of affairs has left alpha females in relationships— Or rather not in relationships, wondering what they should do?

Alpha Females In Relationships: Are Men Afraid Of Successful Single Educated Women

Alpha females in relationships or not— Should you give up your career for a man? Lighten the load a little?

I hear a big fat “hell no!” echoing from offices all over the world. Women in the workforce are a crucial element to the evolution of people. Alpha females in relationships at work are great at getting things done.

Lighten the load for yourself.

Are you too good at everything Miss Alpha woman? My guess is probably. Except one thing.

Being efficient and great at switch-tasking is a trait many alpha women share. We move quickly through time and space and use our intuition when it comes to many aspects of our lives in work and elsewhere (especially after our 40s).

But when we’re in alpha-woman mode— We forget how to be feminine. To relax. To have fun. We get things done instead.

Does this turn men off? You betcha.

Many alpha men want to be with a woman who knows how to enjoy her time— Not just work all the time and be in “Get things done mode.”

There was a study done at Harvard that had some impressive results. I’m not going to go into too many details about the experiment itself. I want to get to the nitty-gritty.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the second part of the said experiment “shows that single women present themselves less favorably to the labor market, and more favorably to the marriage market when they believe their choices will be seen by men.

Some of the women in the study probably want to get married.

But if you’re wondering, are alpha females in relationships possible? Of course they are!

My advice is to keep doing what you’re doing. You can still be successful and have a fantastic relationship, but you may need to put some things in the forefront besides your career.

Things like taking time off.

You can put loads of focus and energy on getting your degree, MBA or Ph.D. to be successful, right?

Now it’s time to put some of this energy into other areas of your life— Or maybe give yourself a break.

You deserve it.

I want to ask you a question. If you do want to be in a long-term relationship with a man someday— How much time are you willing to spend to learn about men or for starters— or even just yourself?

Don’t watch a Ted Talk or go over meeting notes while eating your lunch. Don’t “Get things done.”  Switch to relaxing receptive mode. Learn about what’s going on right here right now. In your moment.

Instead of multitasking while on your lunch break, take the time to enjoy your meal. Go outside on the patio of the cafe.

  • People watch.
  • Listen to the birds.
  • Feel the wind blow in your hair.
  • Notice nature around you even if it’s a tiny weed growing through the crack in the sidewalk.

That flower can bloom even through extenuating circumstances, where there was barely any dirt.

Imagine how it’s thriving.

It’s thriving by doing nothing. Just being.

Don’t do a thing. Just be with yourself. You will learn a lot about what it is that you really want.

Lots of Love,

Dina Colada


Dina Colada is a contributing author at Secure Single LLC


Secure Single provides a forum for a diverse variety of perspectives, ideas, experiences, and resources and does not take official stances. All writers speak exclusively for themselves. Concurrently, any quotes, shares, reposts, interviews, etc. do not imply endorsement by Secure Single LLC or its curators. Now go live your best single life!
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Dina has been mostly single for much of her adult life with lots of dating in between some short, yet growth-centered relationships. She has devoted most of her time to helping singles thrive while on the path to love. She is multi-passionate and loves to connect with other entrepreneurs— Especially ones that are single!
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