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Your bestie is getting married, and both of your lives are going to change— Big time. The bride-to-be will still be in your life, but when women get married, it won’t be the same. Even if you want to get married (especially if you live in different towns), you probably won’t have as many girl’s nights out like you once did.


Even if you’re single, it’s time to celebrate your friend finding her soulmate with bachelorette party destinations on a budget

You won’t need to have bachelorette party games, but you’ll want to have bachelorette weekend getaways that don’t break the bank.


If you’re single— I know you’re a one-income, one-woman show

I’m the same way. And who couldn’t stand to save a few extra bucks? You!

Because you’re going to have to buy a bridesmaid dress and give your bestie a card with some cash or an expensive Cuisinart from Target.

We’re going to dig in and answer some other questions about how to have a genuinely unique destination.


How can I have a second bachelorette party?

And I mean really cheap.


First off, book your room in advance.

Get on AirBnB and find a cool hipster place that looks like you spent a million bucks (or at least two-fiddy). Or you can get a nice hotel, but don’t book it directly through the hotel.

You can also Google your destination and dates. Voila. Everyone’s favorite search engine will pull up a menu with Guest favorites, Budget options (this will be your new bestie), Luxury Stays (don’t be tempted to touch this button!), and For tonight (but of course you won’t need this because you’re thrifty and will have booked your room at least 30 days in advance.

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Have a bachelorette pre-game party

Before you go out, you get to play the bartender role yourself at the hotel or AirBnB of your choice. Do this if you want to catch a wee buzz and be thrifty. You’ll save at least $13 per drink (probably more) unless you’re going to a cheap sports bar or something. Hopefully, you’ve got something more woman-friendly than the Penguins, hot dogs and Miller light on 20 televisions. But if that’s what your gal likes you’ll save a bundle buying 8 dollar pitchers of cheap beer. It that doesn’t work there is always pizza (everyone loves it pretty much). 

You can check out this article that has the bougie drink look and flavor and will impress all the ladies. I was a bartender for 10+ years and would personally go for the Cape Codder. It’s fancy and only has 4 ingredients. That’s it.


Bachelorette weekend getaways on a budget

If your bride-to-be is set on flying somewhere, check out Frontier Airlines. They seriously have incredible prices. I just heard about them last year and was blown away by the deals. They have daily deals (maybe even close to your city!).

So let’s make the best bachelorette party your friends will never forget (unless you get a little too Vegas by accident). Speaking of Vegas, it’s actually a great place for bachelorette parties, because of the cheap drinks, buffets and good deals on rooms. Here are some more ideas for affordable places to go. Phoenix is on the list, and it’s also a fantastic thrifty and beautiful city.


Hashtag your bachelorette weekend so everyone not invited can be jea-jea

Make a unique hashtag for your weekend for Insta. But most importantly make sure to spend time with the friends you love and not have your head buried in your phone.

It doesn’t matter where you go to the bachelorette party. It’s the people that matter. Connecting with the special ladies in the bachelorette’s life will mean the world to her, and you’ll also walk away with a new friend and hopefully not a hangover!

Lots of Love,

Dina Colada


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