We live in a society that wants you to be mediocre. Our culture encourages this by encouraging people to be consumers rather than producers. Society says there is nothing wrong with being addicted to entertainment, eating processed foods, or being in debt. Instead of being ordinary, be exceptional!


Be Exceptional In A Society That Wants You To Be Mediocre


Society Encourages Mediocrity


Modern society encourages mediocrity. It looks down on those who want to be different. People who want to separate themselves from the herd are pestered to rejoin the pack.


College To Career


Our culture wants you to be ordinary so you can be just like everyone else. You are told that you must go to college to be successful. After spending a minimum of four years in the higher education system, you are instructed to apply for jobs for which you may not have qualifications. You have no practical work experience. You have no hard skills. But you went along with what society said was the right way to become successful.




You are told that the 9-5 jobs are your only option. Unless you can get a job in a high-paying field after college, you will likely find yourself among the 64% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.




You may find yourself among the “80% of Americans with consumer debt. Americans have $14 Trillion in debt collectively.” Society wants you to get into debt because debt is the foundation of America’s financial system. The system is based on debt. Debt is another form of slavery.




The mainstream media wants you to pay attention to celebrities. People think it is cool to keep up with the Kardashians. The media wants you to be afraid. You are fearful you are on the defensive rather than on the offensive. You will continue to worry. The media may make you think that you lived through the worst pandemic in history or that nuclear war is threatened. You will remain fearful by listening to the media.


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Social Media


Social media is not social. It is anti-social since you don’t have human contact with real people. Like the media, people can compare themselves to an influencer on Instagram or YouTube who appears to have everything: a nice house, a cool car, and a hot wife or handsome husband. It is there for you to look at.


5 Ways You Can Become Exceptional


Turn Off The TV


You can begin to turn off your television. This will help you to become less worried about the state of the world. You may eventually discover that you are less fearful of the world. You will then be able to focus more on yourself. You will gain more time in the day when you stop watching television.


Minimize Your Use Of Social Media

You could also minimize your use of social media to only the most helpful people you follow. You don’t always need to be logged in to social media platforms. You don’t have to check them every five minutes. What you miss likely won’t be very important. You can only look at it when you are taking a break between tasks for a break to watch content that will help you in some way.


Time Management


Go to bed at a consistent time each night. Wake up early to get more hours in your day to get tasks done on your to-do list. Make a goal of finishing one to three tasks each day. You could have a consistent sleep cycle. You could make it a plan to complete daily tasks. You will more likely achieve your life goals by managing your time.




You could make a point to exercise each week. It could be as simple as going for a walk. Exercise could be spending a couple of hours at a gym doing cardio and lifting weights. Regular exercise will help make you more focused, have more energy, and incentivize you to follow a healthier diet. Exercise will help to improve your overall well-being.


Find Ways To Increase Your Income




You have options today to build up your income. If you are in a career field that you enjoy, it could be studying for certifications that will make you more competitive in your industry. You can then ask your employer if they would pay for the certification test.


Side Gigs


You could work a side gig to bring in extra income. Some popular side gigs could be freelancing on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, driving for Uber, or delivering food on Grubhub. There are many options.


Start An Online Business


You can start a website to be the front door of your business. You can then work to build an email list to reach out to your most loyal subscribers once you have a product or service to sell. You can sell online merchandise, digital products (pdf, audio files, et cetera), and digital courses. When you have a range of products, you will have a range of price tiers to sell to your subscribers and customers.




Society does not want you not to achieve your full potential. Society’s institutions actively encourage you not to be exceptional. The financial system wants you to be a debt slave. The media companies want you to be an entertainment addict. It is up to you to decide to work on yourself to become exceptional in a mediocre culture.


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