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I just heard about a new song from Lizzo. It’s got a funky beat, and you can dance to it. Or even better yet, you can sing and dance to it— Because there are significant benefits of singing out loud.


I was listening to it this morning, the video is pretty fun and funky, and if you’re sitting on your booty, it’s time to sing and shake it.


There are loads of benefits of singing out loud


The first reason is that it can increase your lung capacity. According to Mary King, a singing expert speaking at Gramophone, She states when you sing it increases your lung capacity, which then increases your immunity and also supports better oxygenation in your body’s blood. This results in higher alertness. It’s especially important when you’re driving. So I recommend singing in your car as much as possible!


Singles can sing for the health of your memory


Here we go with the benefits of getting more oxygen into the fantastic thing between your ears. There’s a thing called Singing for the brain. It’s a  program developed by the Alzheimer’s Society Society that was created to help people with dementia maintain their memories. I think it’ll help yours too (but I’m most certainly not a doctor).


There was also a study at the University of Frankfurt. They discovered professional choir members add blood test done before and after a one-hour rehearsal. After a one-hour singing rehearsal they displayed more antibodies. There were choir members who only listen to music. And their immunoglobulin a did not increase.


Is it okay to sing every day?


It’s well-known that music is emotional for people. There was a study in Evolutionary Psychology in 2012 that found the endorphins released when you sing it can support your emotional well-being. When you’re single by choice and you’ve sung a happy tune in your life, you probably already knew this!


benefits of singing in the shower


How else can singing boost your health?


Here’s what Julene Johnson From  the University of California San Francisco said about a singing study “Older adults who sing in a choir actually fall less and could potentially have stronger lower body strength.” Getting strong and not falling is right for you!


Want to know why singing in a choir is right for you?


Because singing with other people to make you feel connected. Being part of something with a team can help you reduce only feelings. When you’re with a group with a common goal that can give you a sense of purpose. I can also boost your confidence to increase your immunity and also give you a cardiovascular workout.


Singing for single snorers is a good idea (especially if you want to have a partner someday!)


Yes, we’re going to talk about another study in 2008 in the journal Sleep Breath and it was found that semi-professional singers rated lower on the snoring scale. When you are saying it makes the muscles in your are way stronger. This is one thing you can do to help reduce snoring B intake of breath furthermore to sing a line of a song can help you improve the function of your lungs and also help decrease mild asthma.


It’s time for you to embrace the benefits of singing out loud. Now you know it can help you if you have the snoring problem. I can keep you from stumbling down the stairs, give your beautiful single fingers and toes more oxygen. And don’t forget it also increases your memory. So get to it and get to singing!

Lots of Love,

Dina Colada


Dina Colada is a contributing author at Secure Single LLC. You can connect with her at for loads of dating advice and profile makeovers or on Instagram.


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