Know Your Enemy: Depression

Know Your Enemy Depression

The Loneliness Epidemic is a growing health problem and depression contributes to it. To defeat it, you must first know your enemy: depression.

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Know Your Enemy: Loneliness

Know Your Enemy Loneliness

The Loneliness Epidemic is a growing health problem in the United States and around the world. To defeat it, you must first know your enemy: loneliness.

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If You’re Single And Depressed And Want Love— Do This

happy single guy with beard

There’s a thing about being depressed and single, especially if you don’t want to be going solo. Third wheel status can feel exhausting.

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Suffragette Wife Advice — Don’t Get Your Panties In A Knot Over Marriage

suffragette women what they wear

If you don’t even know what a suffragette woman is, you’ve got to check out the marriage advice from a married lady who might have smashed a few windows.

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Friends Are The Family You Choose (Even If You Don’t Feel Like A Friend)

woman sitting on broken down car

I’m sure you’ve heard the Jess C Scott saying, “Friends are the family you choose.” You put yourself out there for them, and they would do the same.

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How To Look Younger Than Your Age Without Plastic Surgery

woman in water

If you feel like you’re getting older, and you want to know how to look younger there’s one simple trick you can use that will make your skin look great!

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12 Ways How to Beat Loneliness and the Loneliness Epidemic

How to Beat Loneliness

The Loneliness Epidemic is very real and is a growing problem in the age of social media. Here are twelve ways on how to beat loneliness.

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30 And Feeling Old Already? Do This Today To Defy Age Forever!

young woman looking in mirror

If you’re feeling old there is a trick you can do that will keep you looking younger than your supposed real age. Turn back the clock now!

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A Solo Travel Guide to Denver’s Hottest Neighborhoods

Solo Travel Guide to Denver's Neighborhoods

This is a solo travel guide to Denver’s hottest neighborhoods. Be sure to visit these neighborhoods during your next solo trip to Denver, Colorado!

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If You Hate Being Single — And Want To Get Married [MUST READ]

woman on couch hating being single

If you hate being single, you’re not only one. But there are 3 simple things you can do to love the single life so you get happy first!

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