5 Ways to Love Your Single Self During the Holiday’s

5 Ways to Love Your Single Self During the Holiday’s   Some say ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year.’ But how do you embody that when you have a sense of secure-single-loneliness? While your friends are pairing up and starting their families, here are some tips to keep you focused during the holiday’s:…

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Happy Thanksgiving Singles

Stuffed Thanksgiving turkey.

Secure Single wants to wish all the singles and unmarried a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. Whether or not you have any plans for Thanksgiving, be sure to relax and to enjoy some Thanksgiving food. Stores such as Whole Foods typically have festive holiday food available on their buffet. Restaurants also will have Thanksgiving and turkey dinner…

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How to Roast Your Family on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey dinner

Thanksgiving is a day where people usually come back once a year and get together with their family, along with any close family friends. Depending on what type of single you are, you can play it safe at the dinner table and respond politely to questions about being single and singlehood. However, if you are…

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Single on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey Roasting Inside Oven

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. In fact, it is this Thursday. Singles and unmarried will be travelling home to catch up with their families and then will most likely be asked about their relationship status, or lack of one. Singles should be confident this year when asked about their singlehood at Thanksgiving dinner with their friend…

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Singles are Selfish (No)

A hand refusing help.

Society and popular thought consider those who are single and unmarried to be naturally selfish. One influential person is Eric Klinenberg who wrote an article for The American Interest called Selfishness as Virtue in response to the book Going Solo, which he called the book’s premise “nonsense.” Unfortunately, that is how people view those who are…

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Danielle Introduction

Danielle has chosen to be single in this walk of her life. She experienced dating in her late teens and early twenties, and had always felt each relationship was unfulfilling. To find more meaning in her life, she broke off to go down a path of self discovery. True happiness is found from within, and…

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Single During the Holidays

Single During the Holidays The holiday season is coming quickly upon us. Thanksgiving is next week. Christmas and Hanukkah are in December. And then New Year’s is on January 1, 2017. Holidays are the time of year where people in college or who are in different places across the country usually go back home to…

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The Art of Being Single

Art of Being Single

The Art of Being Single A common question I have been asked, is if I am single or taken. Before I begin, I would like to set some parameters about myself as an emerging business leader in the Colorado community: +I am single. +I choose to be single. +I like the freedom of being single….

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Single on Halloween


Halloween is a fun holiday where people dress up and take to the night for frights and thrills. The modern rendition of Halloween is based off the All Hallows’ Eve that was celebrated 2,000 years ago. Halloween is a holiday that can be celebrated alone. Singles should not be afraid to go out and celebrate…

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World Health Organization Defines Single as a Disability

Overcoming a disability.

The World Health Organization recently released a new proposed broader definition of “infertility.” This revised definition includes being single as a disability because of the lack to find a sexual partner. While the intention by the World Health Organization may be good by wanting to provide in vitro fertilization to everyone, this is not the…

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