Singles And Self-Realization In A Romance Needy Society


Singles should aim to fulfill their basic needs, psychological needs, but ultimately aim to achieve self-realization instead of always pursuing romantic relationships.

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National Single Parents Day

Today is National Single Parents Day. Single Parents households have steadily been increasing in the United States since the 1960s. Secure wants to wish a happy National Single Parents Day to the growing number of single parents in the United States, single mothers and single fathers, and may you be able to enjoy a day…

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Single Fathers

Single parents are a growing household in the United States, but single father households are on the rise. There are different types of single fathers according to how single fathers decide to live their lives. Society should be aware of the different types of single fathers without stereotyping and stigmatizing them. Contrary to the stereotype of…

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Leap Year Traditions: Leap Day and Bachelors’ Day

Today is February 29, 2016 or leap year. Today is also Leap Day or Bachelors’ Day. Leap year happens once every four years, but there is an interesting custom that can be traced back to legend or history on Leap Day. The tradition behind the legend, or history, of Leap Day allows single women to…

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Vocation of Singleness

For someone to decide to commit one’s life to living as a single person comes across as bizarre and absurd in a society that loves and adores couples. As I wrote in my post concerning Valentine’s Day about the different types of love, eros originally was understood in the classical world was an act of…

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Ten Ways for Singles to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day that modern culture has adopted to celebrate romantic love between couples who are dating, who are partners, or who are married. Despite society only acknowledging romantic and erotic love on Valentine’s Day, philia and agape are other types of love that provide single people an opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day…

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Valentine’s Day: A Day Devoted to Romantic Love

Remember that Valentine’s Day only celebrates one type of love in a very narrow sense: eros. Single people should be able to celebrate the holiday too by celebrating philia love with their friends and family.

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Soul Mate Theory 101: The Origin Story Behind The One

Modern society and dating websites adore the concept of the soul mate theory. It allows for easy promotion and marketing while responding to clients concerns for matchmakers when someone does not find a suitable date. Hollywood and television love the soul mates too because it an easy story. The usual soul mate story in media…

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How I Met Your Mother, Television, and the Single Life

How I Met Your Mother was a long running show that ran for nine seasons. The show follows Ted Mosby as he seeks his one true love in New York City while he tells his children how he met their mother twenty five years in the future in 2030. In the meantime, Ted hangs out…

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Oracle of Delphi and Singlehood

The Oracle of Delphi was a Priestess in the ancient Greek city of Delphi. The inscription of the maxim was written the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and was visible to worshippers as they entered the temple and a favorite maxim repeated often by the classical Greek philosopher Socrates. The maxim “Know Thyself” means that…

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