The Rise of the Single, Happy, and Career Bound Women Part I

America just celebrated her 241’st birthday and is one of the youngest and most dominant economic and militant powered countries in the world. It would make sense that the growing number women in America are contributing to the growth. According to CNN money, the number of women billionaires is up from 1995 to 2014, that doesn’t…

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Why Staying Single in Your 20s is the Optimal Option

When you have rose colored sun shades on, it’s easy to fall for someone who is tall, dark, and handsome Looking at the bigger picture is difficult when you feel you’ve met the one. Sadly, when you’re caught up on how attractive and perfect another person is, you can miss a lot of those big…

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3 Reasons Christian Denominations Must Recognize Singleness

Christians within the Church often look down on those who are unmarried. This is problematic because singleness is Biblical. This also creates division within the Church. Celibacy and singleness also has been a part of church history since the beginning of the Church. All Christian denominations must recognize that singleness is Biblical and welcome singles…

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Purchasing Habits of Single People You Need To Know

Single people spend differently than couples do, though some spending habits are similar. The main divide is between renting vs. paying a mortgage, going out vs. staying in, and investing in career development or saving for a child’s education. Singles spend more on social nightlife activities in comparison with their ‘married with children’ counterparts.  Singles…

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Fourth of July : Celebrate the Independence of the Single Life

American Flag Fireworks Independence and Liberty

On July 2, 1776 the Continental Congress approved separation from Great Britain. The final version of the Declaration of Independence was finished and adopted by the twelve American colonies. The Founders and the colonies sought independence from the despotism of Great Britain and sought to create a nation with a separation of powers instead of…

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Rise of the Technosexual Era: Get Wet or Hard for Hardware

Rise Technosexual Era Hardware

In previous articles, I provided an overview of what technosexuality is and popular technosexual applications.  Software applications most often only act as the operational parts of tech sex devices, but often are not the part that brings about pleasure to the user. Hardware is the part of these devices that will help users’ reach orgasm….

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Learn to Enjoy Being Single: Single Life vs Relationships

Single Life vs Relationships

Singles get a hard time for not being married. This is surprising since singles now outnumber those who are married. But popular culture and people like to make someone who is single feel bad for not dating and pressure them to date so that they can “fit in” and be “normal.” This needs to stop….

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How to Deal with Your Married Friends and Their Children

You’re a single 20 something, and you feel like you’re doing great. You’ve got a good job that is up and coming, you have a cat and dog, and you’ve managed to keep your houseplants alive. On top of that, you pay your bills on time, and always have a moment for happy hour with…

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Bill Maher, Facts about Singles, and Single Holiday Name Nominees

Singles Holiday Fireworks Montreal

Bill Maher just released a video that included a segment on singles. He presented singles in a positive light and asked, why do single people not have their own holiday? Bill Maher presentedd a nice summary of facts about the single demographics that Secure Single has covered on the site. It is nice for someone who…

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I’m a Single, Tatted, 30-Year-Old Male and God has Called me to Foster

Single Tattooed Dad

God gave me an order. Not because He’s a dictator but because He’s a loving father who knows I’ll find my purpose in life through kids, not money or promotions.

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