Why Women Marry When They Could Be Doing These Things Instead

why women marry pretty bride with groom

Have you ever felt the pressure of getting married? Have you ever wondered why women marry when they would rather be single?

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48 Hour Solo Travel Guide to San Francisco for Singles

48 Hour Solo Travel Guide to San Francisco

Do you only have time for a quick trip this summer? This is a concise 48 hour solo travel guide to San Francisco for singles.

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It’s A Sexual Desert Out There — Why People Are Having Less Sex

People Are Having Less Sex

Do you think the hookup culture is prevalent? People are having less sex today and celibacy is the new cool for lots of people.

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Single Mother Statistics and Demographics

single mother with baby

Single mother statistics provide enlightening insight into the changing presence of single mothers in the United States and around the world.

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Why Single Women Should Be Fine With Not Having a Romantic Partner

no romantic partner group of women

Having a romantic partner isn’t the key to happiness. Non-romantic love of friends and family are high on the scale of happy singles.

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How To Enjoy Spring As A Secure Single — It Has To Do With . . .

enjoy spring cherry blossom close up

You can create your very own spring list, or you can steal mine. Whatever makes your life easier to enjoy spring is OK by me.

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The Problem When Marriage and Politics Get In Bed Together

Marriage and Politics

Marriage and politics have a long history of spending time in bed together to further each other’s goals while neglecting singles and the unmarried.

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Benefits Of Singing Out Loud [About Being Single, Of Course!]

benefits of singing out loud BW woman with microphone

It’s got a funky beat, and you can dance to it. Or even better yet, you can sing and dance to it— Because there are significant benefits of singing out loud.

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10 More Reasons Why Men Have Given Up On Women

Men given up on women

There are many reasons why men have given up women when it comes to romantic relationships. These men are happy to go their own way and to remain single.

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On The Joys Of Being Single

Joys of Being Single

The single life is a positive time of life. There are many reasons to be joyful while single, but here are just a few of the joys of being single.

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