Solo Travel: Tips for Trips for Singles to See the World Alone

Future Travel Alone

Solo travel is a rising trend as more people are staying single longer and want to see the world. This is a great direction for those who want to travel. The single and unmarried should plan solo travel trips to see the world alone. Travelling alone fits with the values of the single life. Autonomy…

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How You Can Glorify the Single Life: Facts About Sologamy

If you haven’t already heard about the trend of singles dominating the relationship status queue, then you probably don’t know about “sologamy.”

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Diamonds Are Single Millennials’ Best Friend (Marriage Not Needed)

Marilyn Monroe Diamonds

A trend that started in the mid-2000s with singles buying jewelry to celebrate their singlehood is now reaching its height as single Millennials are buying themselves diamond engagement rings.

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Mark Cuban’s Advice to Millennials on Handling Money

It turns out that mastering these basic rules can pay dividends for your future self. You will be surprised at how simple these tips are!

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Single at Church: When Marriage Becomes Christians’ Golden Calf

Marriage as Christians' Golden Calf

Problems start to arise when Christian believe that everyone must get married, and if they don’t, they are not fulfilling God’s plan for their life.

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5 Simple Ways to Be a Great Single Host in the 21st Century

Host Welcome Guest in Home

Being a host to someone who is staying with you can be stimulating and tiring. It is exciting to see a good friend and to be their host while they are in town. However, you are responsible for making sure that they have a good time in your city. You are responsible for making sure…

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What You Need To Know About WHO’s Single Disability

Illuminated neon sign with a singles

What You Need To Know About WHO’s Single Disability The World Health Organization has listed being single as a disability under their definition of infertility. How can being single mean that a man or woman is infertile? It may just be the case that an individual is waiting for the one. The World Health Organization is…

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If You Are Single, You Are Probably Hot and Sexy As Hell

Single tall blonde in yellow sports shots and bra

Other than being marginalized by society, singles have a lot going on. Singles tend to be more self-sufficient on multiple levels ranging from higher levels of happiness to fulfillment in health. One study in particular looks at how much time singles have when it comes to working out. With less obligation to household chores, children,…

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Single by Choice: A Lifestyle Decision That Should Be Respected by All

There are singles who identify as single by choice and who make the decision to remain lifelong singles. These singles enjoy the autonomy and flexibility of the single life above all.

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3 Pros and Cons for Singles to Consider Before Buying Sex Tech

Woman in red shirt revealing boobs

3 Pros and Cons for Single to Consider Before Buying Sex Tech With the rise of technology and ease of use to attain resources online, the interaction between people is becoming less and less. People are more connected, but also more alone. The need to go to the store can be replaced by a simple…

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