Singles And Pinky Rings — What The Heck Do They Mean?

Singles And Pinky Rings women with rings

Have you ever wondered? Are pinky rings in style?  Of course, they are! Especially in the singles and pinky rings department.

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How To Trust Again After A Bad Relationship (It Has To Do With Your Past)

How To Trust Again women meditating

There are so many relationships where trust is lost because of cheating, lying, or many other things. Here is a short guide to learn how to trust again.

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The Single Parent’s Anthem

A Texas single mother’s blog post has gone viral. Maria-Theresa Sigua wrote The Single Parent’s Anthem and it was met with a positive response.

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How To Stay Positive When You’re Single [It’s Superhero Powers]

how to stay positive use superman powers

Sometimes when you’re single and looking for love it can seem like all signposts you see are pointing in the wrong direction— away from the positive.

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Big Benefits Of Self-Love — [ACCORDING TO SCIENCE]

benefits of self love relax pink headphones

Getting the benefits of self-love is good for your body mind and soul. To get more of it you have to use the right Hollywood formula!

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3 Ways Singles Can Respond to Revolut’s Single Shaming

Revolut Single Shaming

Revolut’s tube advertisement received condemnation for single shaming. There are three different ways singles can respond to Revolut’s single shaming.

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How To Deal With Being Single Again Or Newly Single On Valentine’s Day

Single again and don’t know why? There are some things you might not know about being newly single, how it happened and the best thing to do to feel better!

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Email Encryption and Why Singles Need to Use It

Email Encryption

Email encryption is an important way for singles to increase their privacy and security online. Singles can implement these tools today.

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11 Ways Single Women Can Make Valentine’s Day Alone Special

Valentine's Day Alone card

When you’re coupled up, and in love, it seems natural to enjoy Valentine’s Day but there are many ways single women can enjoy it too!

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3 Ways How Singles can Host a Super Bowl LIII Party for the Big Game

Super Bowl LIII Party

Have you always wanted to host a Super Bowl party but did not know how? Here are three easy ways that singles can host a Super Bowl LIII party!

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