In order to be a Secure Single, we all need to be aware of ‘Cuffing Season’. What is this, you may ask? It is the seasonal time of the year when single people link up and get into relationships during the colder winter months. This is an important to know, because you may be able to observe this behavior in the people around you. There is science behind why people get into relationships is even more interesting. Singles need to know what cuffing season is in order that you can prevent yourself from getting into a distracting relationship because it is the thing to do during the season.

6 Simple Explanations Of What Cuffing Season Is


Men and women who link up. You may notice that a lot of your friends have started dating significant others during the cold winter months. Be on the watch for Facebook relationship status updates, and observe that your Tinder inbox messages are slightly slowing.


Relationships. Everywhere.  Don’t be fooled by this crazy natural occurrence. People may be getting into relationships for the wrong reason, and it may just be temporary. If someone approaches you, slap them in the face – just kidding. But just aware that this ‘cuffing season’ is why people men or women may be approaching you. You may also want to look into bear pepper spray, just in case, someone tries to ‘cuff’ you.


During the colder winter months. Be aware. You are probably safe in the spring, summer, and even fall, but come winter, you’ve got to be on your guard. We aren’t called Secure Singles for anything, we stay secure as a whole person without the neediness of another. Who needs all that lovey-dovey junk anyways? Well, sometimes I do indulge in The Notebook, by myself…..


Anywhere. Be on your guard for people approaching you in an attempt to ‘cuff’ you. Say no. You’ve worked too hard for the freedom you have as a single person and are working on getting your career off the ground or healing emotional wounds from the last terrible relationship. No means no!


The science behind it all has to do with our hormones. A funny little hormone called Oxytocin is the ‘love-bonding’ or ‘cuddling’ hormone. In the winter months, your hormones levels are different, causing you to want to be close to another, perhaps for survival reasons. The cuffing season is a natural biological movement. What can you do? Resist cuffing like the plague!


Use your reason and logic over human emotion. Yes, our feelings are important, but when it comes to hormones and lovers, know that it’s a TRAP! Keep yourself sane, and stay out of crazy relationships. Try wearing garlic, as it might ward off the romancers. Stay single, stay happy, and most importantly stay sane. You got this.


We say ‘ugh!’ to cuffing season. Romance is just a black hole filled with terror and doom. Like the famous economist, John Maynard Keynes once said, “In the long run, we are all dead“, so if this is the case for us, saving yourself from being in a bad relationship is worth it to have enough time to enjoy your life. Stick with what you know and stay true to your colors. Being single is the ultimate expression of independence. So now, during the cold winter months of ‘cuffing season’, be brave and stay securely single.



Danielle E. Brockman is a contributing writer for Secure Single LLC
Views expressed in this article are opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Secure Single. James Bollen is the author of Thriving Solo: How to Flourish and Live Your Perfect Life (Without A Soulmate). Now available in paperback on Amazon. Subscribe to Secure Single’s Substack for free!
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Danielle has chosen to be single in her walk of life. She experienced dating in her late teens and early twenties, and had always felt each relationship was unfulfilling. To find more meaning in her life, she broke off to go down a path of self-discovery.
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