There is a lot of data, studies, and research that have been done that are biased toward marriage life bringing bliss, health, and wealth. Those studies present being single and the single life as bad states to be in and marriage is the only thing that can rescue singles. Recent research, studies, and statistics have found that marriage is no longer that healthy and prosperous institution that people and society thought it was. Here are five facts and statistics singles should know about being single today that have found relationships do not mean having self-esteem and that singles are healthier than their married friends.

5 Facts And Statistics Singles Should Know In 2018

Singles Outnumber Those Who Are Married

The last U.S. Census Bureau found that singles are 50.2% of the American population. The next time your coupled and married friends give you are hard time for being single, tell them that statistics because singles are now the majority.

Marriage Is No Longer Considered An Important Milestone

Marriage used to be the institution that everyone was expected to take part in. That is no longer true today as more people are staying single longer or are unmarried with children or widowed.

Having Children No Longer An Important Milestone

The same U.S. Census Bureau report found that Americans no longer placed as important a value on having children compared to the past. This could be a result of people staying single longer as well as the birth of the childless movement.

Romantic Relationships Do Not Equate To Self-Esteem

Contrary to popular belief, romantic relationships does not equal self-esteem. A study found that people who were in a relationship that failed had lower self-esteem than couples.

Singles Are Healthier Than Couples

It has also been found that singles are healthier than couples. The opposite was always thought to be true, but studies have found that singles are in fact healthier than couples.


The next time that your coupled up or married friends say that you should be in a relationship or married because being single is a bad state to be in, simply refer them to these studies and statistics. Show those friends of yours that the single life is a great life, the single life is a healthy life, and that singles are now the majority in America.

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