Society overlooks the values and benefits that the single life offers by making people believe that happiness can only be found by being coupled. The single life offers many advantages that being coupled and married do not offer people. Here are five reasons why it is awesome to be single!


Being single gives an individual the freedom to leave and to do as they please without being constrained by a significant other. This freedom allows singles to decide to stay home, explore, or check out a new restaurant or bar without having to talk and get the permission of a significant other.


As a single, you can explore and discover new places anytime you want! Travel to a new part of your city and discover the different scenes in your city. Plan outdoor trips and explore nature by going to a national park, a day hike, or a backpacking trip. Want to explore another country? Plan a trip to the country that you have always wanted to visit and go alone. Take advantage of being single and plan to explore the world as much as possible without being tied down by a significant other.


Singles can move and go where they please without having to first consult a significant other. This means that singles can move from city to city for different jobs, visit friends, or to tour cities on a trip. Singles have more flexibility to do the activities that they want and to go to places that they want to visit alone.

Learning to Love Yourself

Self-love can be a difficult thing to learn. Being single allows you to learn more about yourself. Your likes. Your dislikes. Your strengths. Your weaknesses. The most important thing that you can learn to do in life to love yourself and to know yourself. The single life allows you to learn how to do both.


Learning to love yourself and to know yourself naturally relates to becoming secure in who are you as an individual. Being single allows you to become comfortable and secure in yourself. This security can be mental, physical, psychological, or personal. It is important to be secure both as an individual and as a single in a society that believes everyone needs to be coupled.

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James Bollen is the Founder and President of Secure Single. He is an entrepreneur and a content creator with the goal of helping all different types of singles to learn to thrive as a single person.
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