Grocery shopping single can be difficult. Produce and packaged foods typically are sold in family sizes, although there more individual servings of rice and sides becoming available as food companies begin to recognize that Millennials are staying single longer. Food waste is a problem, not just for singles but for the average American, as the National Resources Defense Council found that the Americans throw out $28 to $43 worth of uneaten food each month. Singles should make sure to pick up what they need at the grocery store on their weekly or bi-weekly shopping trip. Be organized, shop smart, and use a shopping list app. Here’s a guide for grocery shopping as a single and how to shop  for one the next time you go to the store.



Fresh vegetables can be used for snacking or for cooking. Baby carrots, Persian cucumbers, and bell peppers are a good choices as they are sold individually and easy to eat. Fresh vegetables that work for cooking include medium onions, garlic, fresh herbs, and avocados. Vegetables can be difficult to eat before they rot. For this reason, consider getting frozen vegetables. It has been found that frozen vegetables are actually more nutritious than fresh vegetables. You can buy mixed vegetables along with other popular vegetables in the frozen aisle. The portions are generally better for one person compared to buying fresh vegetables.


For fruit, it is best to buy fruits that can be purchased according to the number that you will eat for that week. The most commonly available fruits will be apples, oranges, bananas, peaches, and other related fruits.  These fruits are ready to eat. Just get the number that you think you will eat each week.


Meat can be tricky to estimate because it is purchased by pounds. Plan meals around six ounces increments now double that according to the number of meals that you plan to eat the meat that you buy. Two pounds, or 32 ounces, will be about six meals depending on how big of an eater you are. Stores will typically have some pre-cut fish, pork, or beef around the meat section.

This is just a quick guide to help singles to better buy food on their trips to the grocery store. Singles live in a grocery store world that focuses on giving families the best deals. Plan your trips. Be a smart shopper. And do your best to not waste food. Be a responsible shopper and buy only what you need for each week.

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