Easter Bunny with Easter Eggs.

The Secure Single Crew wants to wish all singles, and our followers, a Happy Easter and Eggs Benedict Day. Celebrate one, or both, holidays by having brunch. Singles can find a brunch place and eat alone or invite some friends to have a relaxing Sunday to catch up. After all, eating alone is on the rise.

Easter Brunch

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, holidays are usually a time to reconnect and to get together with friends and family. Being social is important for singles as Millennials have been found to be lonely and to have less friends on average compared to past generations. Relax today alone or with friends and find a brunch spot that you have been wanting to try to celebrate Eggs Benedict Day and Easter. Have a great Sunday and we look forward to providing more content that will help singles and the unmarried to flourish in life!

Best Regards,

James Bollen and the Secure Single Crew

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