Society and the institutions that are supposed to guide people are no longer relevant. People have lost trust in institutions, and these institutions can no longer help or guide men so that they can navigate and plan for their lives. There are a few key ways a man can understand his way. These include finding a mentor, taking responsibility for your life, and working to have a strategy and a plan for your life. How can a man understand his way? Single men can start to take back their lives by becoming self-reliant, finding mentors, and working to achieve their life goals. Here are twenty-one ways how a man can understand his way today.


How Can A Man Understand His Way? 21 Ways!


There are a few different ways for single men to start to understand his way. It will require single men to take back their lives rather than going along with the things that society wants that make men weak. These twenty ways are steps for how single men can take back their lives today.


21 Ways How a Man can Find His Way


1. Find a Mentor


The first way a man can understand his way is to find a mentor. It has become more difficult for men, and people in general, to find a mentor. You can find a mentor to help you reach your goals, ranging from religious or spiritual goals to career or business goals. Unfortunately, mentorship seems to have become lost for Millennials and younger generations. A mentor can help you stay humble, hold you accountable, and motivate you to work towards your life goals.


A mentor can also help you navigate problems they have dealt with in the past from their own experience so that you don’t make the same mistakes. Mentorship can also help you find your purpose. Purpose is something that seems to be lost today. Without a life purpose, you will have no life direction and will find yourself distracted and always remaining stuck where you are in your life. When you have a mentor, it is also a process of continual self-education to help to guide you to where you want to be with your life. While a mentor won’t be able to give your all of the answers, you can learn from their own life and experiences that you can then apply to better your own life. A mentor can help you become a more well-rounded person because you will hear stories from someone who is likely older than you. A mentor can give you life advice because they have more life experience. A mentor can provide you with career advice because they have more professional experience than you in your field.


2. Don’t Get Distracted by Romantic Relationships


The second way is don’t get distracted by romantic relationships. Instead of always pursuing romantic relationships or dating, you can start to spend that time working on yourself. When you stop spending all of your time going out on dates, you will also find that you are saving money that you can save or invest. You can also put your money into other things that you enjoy doing in your life. Instead of dating, you can better use your time and money.


3. Get rid of Toxic Friends and Toxic People


The third way a man can understand his way is to get rid of toxic friends and toxic people in his life. Single men can also decide to stop spending time with toxic friends and toxic people they may have in their life. Toxic friends hold you back, and toxic people can negatively affect how you think about and view yourself. Toxic people will affect your mindset and prevent you from reaching your full potential.


4. Practice Self-Discipline


The fourth way is to practice self-discipline. Self-discipline is freedom. You can work to build self-discipline in your life by improving your daily habits to change from bad habits to practicing good habits. Self-discipline also leads to inner growth.


5. Take Responsibility for Your Life


The fifth way a man can understand his way is to start to take responsibility for his life. In modern society, people expect things to be easy for them if they follow the process that society tells them to go through and then have a professional career. When you start to take responsibility for your life, you can plan out your life as much as possible.


6. Plan Out Your Life as much as Possible


The sixth way is to plan out your life as much as possible. While you will be unable to plan for everything that will happen in your life, you can write down one-, three-, five-, and ten-year plans to plan long term for your future. Planning will help you better plan for your future to stay on target rather than becoming stagnant and remaining where you are in your life.


7. Find Your Passion


The seventh way a man can understand his way is to find his passion. When you plan out your life, you will ideally know your passion. But to do that, you must first find and understand your passion. What are your favorite things to do? What are your strengths? You can follow your strengths and passions to figure out where you want to spend your time.


8. Know Yourself


The eighth way a man can understand his way is to know yourself. The Temple at Delphi had the saying inscribed on the Greek temple, “Know Thyself.” When you start to know yourself, you will better be able to find your passions and the things you enjoy doing in your life. You can discover your values, and then you can surround yourself with people who share your values.


9. Work Towards Your Life Goals


The ninth way a man can understand his way is to work towards his life goals. Once you have written down your life goals and the steps to get there with a range of life plans, you can create a strategy to work to get there to make it a reality. You can practice self-discipline in your daily life and good habits to improve your chances of success to achieve your life goals.


10. Focus on Your Health


The tenth way a man can understand his way is to focus more on his health. You can do this by focusing on your diet and personal health. There are a few main ways to start to improve your health. You can get on a good diet rather than eating processed food. Some popular diets are the Mediterranean diet, Keto diet, Carnivore diet, and the DASH Diet.


11. Go to the Gym


The eleventh way a man can understand his way is to go to the gym consistently. Many benefits come with exercise. When you go to the gym to do cardio and strength exercises, you will slowly notice that you will feel better about yourself over time. You will also start to look better over time too. It may not be fun initially to go to the gym, but you may enjoy it as you begin to see results for your hard work to go to the gym consistently. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or combine both, you will feel better about yourself and sleep better when you always exercise and go to the gym.


You can choose the one that works for you and the goal you want to work towards for your health. You can go for walks outside or do cardio exercises on cardio machines at the gym, and you can also lift weights and work to increase your strength.


12. Exercise Your Mind


The twelfth way a man can understand his way is to exercise his mind daily. Single men can start to exercise their minds by doing exercises that will strengthen their minds. There are different ways that you improve your mind. You can do this by limiting the amount of television and social media that you watch or interact with in your life. You can also learn how to think critically and to have a debate. Another way is to challenge yourself by listening to the argument from someone you disagree with to see if the ideas you make against their position hold up against scrutiny. A third way is to do mental exercises to train your mind on websites like Lumonsity or Brainable.


13. Meditate or Pray


The thirteenth way a man can understand his way is to meditate or pray. You can start to meditate or pray consistently. Meditation can help you reduce stress, control anxiety, and help fight addictions. Meditation and prayer can also help you experience more peace in your life.


14. Overcome Your Fears


The fourteenth way a man can understand his way is to overcome the fears in his life. You can work to overcome fear in your life. There are two ways how you can work to defeat fear in your life. The first way is to challenge your fear in small ways. You can work to incorporate your fears into your daily life. As you start to challenge your fears, you will slowly chip away at your fears. The second way is to learn relaxation techniques. Learn to relax. You can take some time to relax. Some relaxation techniques include meditation, deep breathing, or distraction exercises in your daily life when you start to feel overwhelmed by fear.


15. Self-Education


The fifteenth way a man can understand his way is to practice self-education. College degrees now suffer from degree inflation. There is no need to spend lots of money on an overpriced degree and get brainwashed by the higher education system unless what you want to do requires a college degree. College is just about being about to do well in tests, and you will learn more from self-education anyways. You can study things that you find interesting rather than taking college tests.


Self-education is simply the process of educating yourself. You can focus on what you are passionate about in your life. Self-education is more accessible today in the Internet Age. You can read books, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and read articles on the topics you want to learn. When you go on the path of self-education, you always are working to improve yourself. You will wish to continue to educate yourself on what interests you rather than stopping once you get a college degree.


16. Self-Reliant


The sixteenth way for how a man can understand his way is to work to become self-reliant. Self-reliance relies on your capabilities, judgment, or resources to be independent. When you are self-reliant, you also trust your powers of judgment and trust yourself. As you become more self-reliant, you will see that you will also gain more self-confidence. Self-reliance is vital because it is how you become free and independent from your family and can start to provide for yourself. Rather than relying on others and conforming to society’s expectations, follow what you want to do and set out to achieve your goals. You can learn to rely on yourself instead of going along with the crowd.


17. Work to Increase Your Net Worth


The seventeenth way for how a man can understand his own way is to work to increase his net worth over time. There is nothing wrong with money. The more you learn about money and how it works, the more vital you realize that money is just a store of energy. The energy is what you receive for your productivity from your job or what you contribute to society. People purchase a product or service from you. Over time, you find ways to increase your net worth by discovering ways to make your money work for you. You can invest money in the stock market or cryptocurrencies. You could also create passive income through an online business or real estate. You could earn extra money by working a side hustle. You can also save and preserve your wealth by putting a percentage of your money in precious metals. Precious metals and cryptocurrencies are also ways to stay outside the fiat financial system.


18. Become the Best Version of Yourself


The eighteenth way for how a man can understand his way is to work to become the best version of yourself. You can start prioritizing what you need to get done in your day and what you want to work towards in your life. You will find that you will become the best version of yourself as you become more self-confident, more independent, achieve your goals, and increase your net worth over time.


19. Be Independent


The nineteenth way for how a man can understand his own way is to work to be independent. As you get more confident, self-reliant, overcome your fears, and grow your net worth over time, you will discover that you will be independent. Independence comes when you can provide for yourself, do the things you want, and live without worrying about others since you are now in control of your life. Your parents are no longer telling you what to do or pressuring you because you are now free from your parents since you can provide for yourself.


20. Think for Yourself


The twentieth way a man can understand his own way is to learn to think for himself. Society has become flooded by propaganda from the mainstream media. In college and higher education, people are taught what to think rather than how to think. Being able to think for yourself will set you apart from your peers in society. You can learn to think for yourself, and you can do this by learning logical fallacies and questioning authority.


21. Find Your Purpose


The twenty-first way for how a man can understand his own way is to find his life purpose. There seems to have been a loss of purpose for people over at least the last few years. How can you find your life purpose? Your purpose will often be in the middle of this Venn Diagram, and it will be in the middle between your interests, your skills, and a problem that you care about in your life. You can find your life purpose when you know what is for you.




These are twenty-one ways for a man to understand his way and live a life of freedom. In a society with corrupt institutions and broken promises from institutions, you can work to go your way rather than continuing to believe in failed institutions. It is up to you to grow a spine, put in the hard work, and achieve the goals you have set to accomplish in your life.

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