You may be wondering if you should start to practice self-discipline. Self-discipline plays a critical role in success. This is my story of how self-discipline changed my life.

How Self-Discipline Changed My Life 

Self-discipline changed my life for the better. Below I explain how I was before and after I began to practice self-discipline.

Before Practicing Self-Discipline 

Before consistently practicing self-discipline, I depended on society’s institutions and people. I thought that going to college would prepare me for a traditional career. By allowing my future to be controlled by others, I did not want to practice self-discipline or work on myself. I thought that if I went along with the system that things would turn out all right.

I often went to bars with friends on the weekends or watched a sporting event when I was done studying. I was more focused on temporary entertainment rather than practicing self-discipline. I cared more about what people thought of me during this time and

I went to college because I thought that was what you should do to get a traditional job. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Political Science. I then thought I should move into informational technology (IT) because I enjoyed digital marketing. I later decided to go to graduate school to get a Master’s in Cybersecurity and Information Technology. Tech was also becoming the cool field of the time. After I moved from Denver to Seattle, I thought I had finished graduate school, but a couple of years later, I received an email saying I had one class left. It was not worth my time or money to finish since, by then, I finally had my priorities in order: my website.

I did not practice any time management skills outside of studying. I would usually sleep into the late afternoon after the semester was done. I did not manage my priorities. I admit. I was lazy through most of my twenties. While I did work part-time sales jobs while I was in college, I was passive during college. That was true both in my personal and professional life.

I expected things to happen to me rather than making things by practicing self-discipline and self-responsibility.

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After Practicing Self-Discipline

After I started practicing self-discipline was a bit too late. I discovered that going to college and graduate school did not help me to find a career. I finally started to take my website more seriously and discover ways to monetize it. I had been treating my business like a hobby rather than as a business because I thought I could work on it after I had a “real job,” whatever that was. As a result of taking self-responsibility for my life and practicing self-discipline, I began to get my life in order.

I started to get up early in the mornings. I would go to bed around ten or eleven and wake up around six am. I began to focus on self-improvement and to work to reach my goals.

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3 Ways How Self-Discipline Changed My Life

I learned priority management. Once you manage your priorities, you can begin to reach your goals. When you have no priorities, you will continue to remain stuck. Once I decided on my priorities, I could devise a strategy to accomplish the goal.

I learned time management. My strategy for managing my time is to do boring tasks in the morning, creative tasks in the afternoon, then work toward one large task. The tedious tasks include responding to emails, making phone calls,

I start to set and reach my goals. You will be part of someone else’s agenda if you do not have goals. That is why it is critical to have goals. You can set different types of goals:

  • Short-term goal (day to one year)
  • Medium-term goal (one year to three years)
  • Long-term goals (three years to ten years or longer)

With social media, television, and two-day shipping, people are now used to having their wants immediately met, which harms long-term thinking.

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If you are stuck where you are, self-discipline can change your life. Self-discipline is the first step toward success. Once you are self-disciplined, you will begin to improve your life in small ways. Self-discipline leads to a life of freedom.

Views expressed in this article are the author’s opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of Secure Single. It is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It is not investment or financial advice. James Bollen is the author of Thriving Solo: How to Flourish and Live Your Perfect Life (Without A Soulmate). Now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon. Subscribe to Secure Single’s Substack for free!
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