Thanksgiving is a day where people usually come back once a year and get together with their family, along with any close family friends. Depending on what type of single you are, you can play it safe at the dinner table and respond politely to questions about being single and singlehood. However, if you are interested in turning the tables on your family and friends this Thanksgiving, wear your singlehood with pride. This Thanksgiving don’t be roasted for being single, instead roast your family for things that society takes for granted and believes is normal.


When you are asked about your single status and if you are dating anyone, answer honestly and don’t be afraid to roast them just like the Thanksgiving Turkey.


How are you still single? Have you gone on any dates recently?


Single: I enjoy being single. It is great! I can go anywhere I please, spend my time as I like, and I am not tied down by another person or kids. I don’t believe in dating or romantic relationships. I’m simply not interested in that. How are you still together with your girlfriend/boyfriend? I thought you were going to break up a long time ago.


Have you met anyone that you really like?


Single: I met this awesome guy/girl at my favorite bar the other day. We talked. He/She was hot. I am hot. We bought another round. He then took me back to his place and it was great. I’m always being told that I need to put myself out there. I did that. I’m just not interested in dating. Have you met anyone that you really like? Oh, that’s right you’re married. Have you ever considered an open marriage?


You should be out looking for love. Let it find you.


I think it’s important to learn more about myself and know myself first. I don’t need or want another person in my life. Plus, romantic love is always presented in such a positive light by society and Hollywood. Do you know what the divorce rate is today? Are you out looking for love after your recent divorce? Enough talking about me. Tell me about that.


Aren’t you tired of being alone? Don’t you get lonely?


Actually, no. There is also an important difference between being alone and lonely. Being alone is positive while being lonely is negative. I enjoy being alone. I get to read. I get to watch Netflix. I get to go to events alone. I don’t get lonely because I am comfortable in my own skin. Are you comfortable doing things by yourself? When was the last time you did something alone?


Can I set you up with someone? I know someone who you would be compatible with and you two would make such a cute couple!


No, you cannot set me up with someone. Please don’t ask me again. Where you set up with someone? Was that how you met your boyfriend/girlfriend?


Enjoy being single this Thanksgiving and be blunt to everyone at the table about how great the single life is. Don’t be afraid to roast your family this Thanksgiving!


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