People continue to lose trust in society’s institutions. The loss of trust in institutions is well-deserved.

Loss Of Trust In Institutions

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People continue to lose confidence in society’s institutions. Our culture raised people to believe that the institutions were there to help them succeed. People were told society’s institutions were there for their benefit.


On the contrary, the institutions are there to maintain the status quo. The institutions are there to keep the people at the top in power in both the private and public sectors. Here are five institutions people have lost trust in.


Real Estate


Socar Chatmon-Thomas, who is a realtor in Austin, Texas, told The Guardian, “It’s pissing me off because somebody who went to school, got a degree, or otherwise did everything right and now has a job making $60,000 can’t buy a home” and is a “breach of the social contract.” The Motley Fool found that “home prices in the U.S. increased by 30% from 2020 to 2022,” while the “median home price increased by 416% from 1980 to 2020.” The Zillow Housing Value Index puts that typical home price in the United States at $355,852 (up 18.2% over the last year). Since real estate is a crucial way to build wealth and security, People have lost trust in realtors.


Since most younger people can no longer afford a house, they must find other solutions. One solution is leaving expensive countries like the United States to live in less expensive countries.


Higher Education


According to a 2018 Gallup poll, only 48% of Americans expressed “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in higher education, “down from 57% in 2015.” There has been a loss of trust in the higher education system for several reasons. First, many people must go into debt to receive a college degree. Second, higher education does not prepare students for life. It teaches people to regurgitate information, be good students, pass a test, and become good employees. Third, the higher education system no longer teaches critical thinking and how students can learn to think for themselves. Fourth, people realize that the most successful people don’t have degrees. They learned by educating themselves through self-education. Finally, the higher education system is going the way of the dinosaurs as the university system will be replaced by digital alternatives: online education and digital courses. The last person you want to learn from is a professor.


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Banks have also seen a decline and loss in trust. According to The Financial Brand, “Half of US adults say their trust in banks has declined over the past few years, although only 18% of Americans say the same about credit unions.” Reasons for loss of trust range from poor customer service to offering a low-interest rate for savings accounts. The Federal Reserve, and central banks, are cartels that do not serve the interests of the people but their self-interest. The centralized banking system is dated in the technology age.


There are now decentralized options to the centralized banking system with cryptocurrencies. You can also put some money into precious metals: gold and silver.

More people are learning how the financial system, specifically the banking system, works through YouTube Channels such as George Gammon. The more people know about how the modern monetary system functions. If you can, consider keeping as little money in the banks as possible.




According to Pew Research, the public trust in government is near historic lows, with only 20% “who say they trust the government to do what is right just about always/most of the time.” Pew Research has also found that 65% of people polled say “most political candidates run for office to ‘serve their own personal interests.’” Investment Watch proves that 65% of people surveyed made correct observations, with Republicans and Democrats beating the S & P 500. According to a report by Unusual Whales in 2021, “Congress bought and sold nearly $290 million in stocks (corresponding to 3,500+ transactions by 105 members of Congress).” If you or I did that, it would be considered insider trading.


Politicians are not public servants. They are out for their self-interest. The greater good is a myth.


Medical System


There has been a loss of trust in the healthcare system. According to Deloitte Insights, “After an experience where they lost trust [with a healthcare provider], four out of five participants say there was nothing the provider/health system could do to make them return to the same provider or health system.” A Gallup Poll found that Americans’ trust in the medical system declined from 44% in 2020 to 38% in 2022.


The pandemic exposed the healthcare industrial complex for what it was and how it operates. People rightly became cynical and lost trust in doctors, hospitals, vaccine manufacturers, and government agencies such as the CDC and FDA. To make matters worse, Millennials experienced a ‘Vietnam War event’ in 2021 that went unnoticed by the medical system. The medical system also pushed masks. There have been more than 170 studies on the ineffectiveness of masks and harm. Here are more studies on masks.


If the medical system would push things onto patients that don’t work, what else has your primary care doctor been telling you that works that don’t? 


Steve Kirsch and Dr. Mercola have investigated and asked the questions the medical system would never ask.

What could have caused so many healthy working-age adults to die?


Invest In Yourself


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You can work to find ways to increase your income to buy a house. You could also consider moving to a less expensive country if you can work remotely or have an online business.


You focus on self-education. You can learn from people with experience by finding people who have mastered a topic or skills by learning on their own. You can learn from people online today. You can read blogs and watch YouTube videos. You can take digital courses.


You can find ways to keep as much of your money as possible to prevent the government from stealing it from you. You can find tax deductions. You can learn about the wealthy’s business strategies to pay as little tax as possible. You can find ways to keep more of your money which will help you.


You can learn about the history of money. You can learn about how the financial system works. You can become your own central bank by holding precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and owning real assets.


You can focus on your health. You can exercise. You can regularly go to the gym. You can follow a diet. You can eat healthy instead of consuming processed and fast foods. You can lose weight.


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It was never a good idea to rely on people and institutions you have no control over. The loss of trust in institutions results from more people realizing the institutions they were told to respect are self-serving. The best thing you can do is start focusing on yourself. Pursue your self-interest.

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