Romance is heralded by poets, musicians, and in film and television as truly heavenly because you are able to spend the rest of your life with the one person whom you love. The problem with how love is portrayed in media and society is that is depicted as each person saving the other. It is also further depicted as the emotional and physical act of erotic love is all that is essential in life. However, if love is merely emotional and enjoying sex and everyone eventually is going to die alone, is love useful? Romantic love is useless because you only are able to enjoy the presence of the other without any truly beneficial outcomes in life.

What are the benefits of being in a romantic relationship with a significant other? When you go out now, you now have to pay for two people. You are now pay two times more than you would normally pay by living and going out by yourself as a single person. When couples also cook for two people they will also spend more money at the grocery store since they must buy more groceries compared to single people. If you go out with friends as a single person, you will normally split the check or pay for what you ordered. How about preparing for the future? Couples now have to plan for the future of a minimum of two people (if they wish to have children or not). A single person only has to save, invest, and plan for the future for oneself.  Romantic love only deals with the needs of each other without practical benefits. Love is useless because it is an ideal.

From only examining those two examples above briefly, are they any advantages of being in a serious relationship rather than being staying single? It appears that there really is no real advantage. Romantic love, essentially, only provides someone whom you know intimately in many ways without providing any real benefits for life of the moment. Romantic love is useless because it unattainable and is not concerned with practical matters.

Ultimately, love is useless for many reason. Popular culture and society continue to place romantic love and marriage on a pedestal for the detriment of singles. Romantic love is useless because it does not provide any utility for the people in a relationship.

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