Many self-made billionaires, like Mark Cuban, started out in similar circumstances to your current walk of life, and in some cases, many of the self-made elites had worse off beginnings than you. The reason they are so successful is that they have developed an excellent work ethic. Mark Cuban shares his top tips for 20-somethings. It turns out that mastering these basic tips can pay dividends for your future self. You will be surprised at how simple these tips are — the top tips actually make a difference if you master the basics.


Never Underestimate the Power of Frugality

Sure you may have roommates in your 20-somethings, but take this time to pay off your student loan debt (if you have any), and save up as much cash as you can. If you have no family, dog, or car payments, take this time to work two jobs. Multiple sources of income are key. Where frugality comes into play is when you start to spend money defensively. Many millionaires and billionaires have amassed large fortunes due to their immaculate ability to watch where their money is going. Do not invest in anything that rots, depreciates, or rusts. Being frugal is one of the keys to building wealth. Don’t let the ‘keeping up with the Jones’s be an issue, having money in your pocket at the end of the day is king.

“It doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn’t matter how you live. It doesn’t matter what car you drive. It doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you wear, [and] the more you stress over bills, the more difficult it is to focus on your goals. The cheaper you can live, the greater your options.” — Mark Cuban

Take What You Can Get & Develop Your Side Hustle 


In life you will have many opportunities to change your life. You have the responsibility to take the chances to make what you want to happen. You might not land your dream job right away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate providing value at a job you currently work at. If you work 40 hours a week, take some time do develop a side hustle which will improve your life in two ways: You will build essential business skills, and the work you do can become your passion that can turn you into a millionaire. Building your own company is a highly advised tool that can make you very wealthy – check into it. 

When you find something you love, and the pay doesn’t matter, you’ve found the sweet spot to where your passion will pay dividends, and you will end up making a lot more money doing simply because your heart is in it. Business Insider blog contributor Richard Feloni notes that you need to prioritize your passion over your paycheck if you want to put yourself on a rewarding career path that allows you to thrive.

Be grateful for your current situation, and work like hell to make your dream come true. You will incur failure, but failure is only an indication of striving for the next big thing. Keep moving forward.


“If you love what you do so much that you are willing to continue to live like a student in order to be able to stay in the job, you have found your calling.”
— Mark Cuban

Be the Best You Can Be – In Any Situation


In your 20’s the majority of decisions you make will deeply impact your future, more so than the decisions you make in your 30’s and 40’s. Time is precious, and once you spend it, you can never get it back. Make a decision to be the best you can in any career, living situation, or relationship. When you put your best foot forward, there will be nothing to regret. Make the decision of excellence. When you do your best, you make it easier on the people around you to do what they need to.

If you’re working somewhere that is not your ideal career path, do your best anyway. When you’re outside of work hours, put in the time to develop your profession by doing your business development. Self-education will make you rich.

The above tips may be simple, but mastering the basics is key to your success. Starting in your 20-somethings with the right mindset and the initiation of developing your good habits will be the solid foundation for which you can succeed. Go forth and be amazing!

Views expressed in this article are the author’s opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of Secure Single. It is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It is not investment or financial advice. James Bollen is the author of Thriving Solo: How to Flourish and Live Your Perfect Life (Without A Soulmate). Now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon. Subscribe to Secure Single’s Substack for free!


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