Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States —

Memorial Day is today and it is a day that celebrates and remembers what the veterans have done to protect America. The holiday is celebrated with barbecues, relaxing by the pool, drinking most often beer, and hanging out with friends and family. Here are three ways singles can celebrate Memorial Day this year while remembering those who have died while serving to protect the United States.

3 Ways Singles Can Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day

With Friends

Hang out with your friends who are hosting a BBQ. This is a time to enjoy the company of your peers. If you are invited to a friend’s BBQ, be sure to bring something to the BBQ like a pack of beer.


With Family

It is a great day to relax and spend time with your family. The Memorial Day BBQ is a classic way to celebrate the holiday. If you have anyone in your family who served in the military and died protecting their country, it is also a day to remember them.


By Yourself

If you want to do something but don’t have any family or friends to spend it with, cities often host events for the holiday or you can find events happening where you live on social media. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a holiday alone. Be sure to enjoy this Memorial Day with some BBQ while remembering those who have fallen protecting our country. Remember those who have fallen serving their country and to protect the freedom that Americans values and often take for granted this Memorial Day.


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