More to life than love

There is more to life than romantic love and it can be found by asking the big questions that have been asked throughout human history—

Society is enamoured by romantic love. It is the hallmark feature in popular culture’s TV shows, movies, books, magazines, and has created dating and wedding industrial complexes. Is love all there is in life? Or, is there more to life than love? While romantic love may be a goal to one day attain for relationship-oriented singles, there is more to life than love. Singles can find happiness and do great things in life on their own because there is more to life than love.

Is there more to Life than Love?

More to life than love

Fall is a time when more people look for relationships. It is called cuffing season for a reason. There is more to life than getting cuffed to someone because there is more to life than love. Instead of always being on the search for a romantic relationship singles can seek to better themselves and their society by looking beyond the appetitive and psychological needs. Singles can do these by pursuing self-realization and by properly ordering and controlling desires according to Plato’s tripartite soul.

The soulmate theory has become the basis of society’s understanding of love and idealization of love because each person must find their soulmate according to Aristophanes story in The Symposium. The basis of the soulmate theory are the passions that Plato warns about with his theory of the tripartite soul. Reason should rule and direct the lives of singles instead of the pursuit of romantic love. Singles can order and direct reason to achieve great things. Reason and working to be successful in making your goals a reality while changing society is greater goals than seeking romantic love.

White Picket Fence and 1.9 Children

More to life than love

There is more to life than the dream of the white picket fence and 1.9 children. Singles can find meaning from more things than romantic love. While it has been found that singles volunteer more than couples and singles should apply their values to change society and make their goals a reality. Singles can find meaning outside of themselves. Singles can discover meaning in a number of different fields that have long been considered areas to find meaning throughout human history.

Seek Knowledge

More to life than love

Human meaning can be found in philosophy, math, science, religion, and spirituality. Why are these five areas higher than romantic love? They seek to find higher meaning outside of the menial pleasures of romantic love. Philosophy seeks to understand knowledge from the cause of human existence to the nature of truth. Math can be a way to find the truth because there are objective rules and answers to problems that can be solved to describe the nature of the world as it is. Science seeks to describe the world using the scientific method to objectively describe the world in a number of different areas in the field. While the more scientific area seeks to find meaning in objectivity, the areas of religion and spirituality seek to find meaning through a relationship with God, nature, and positive energy. These are ways humans have looked for meaning in life throughout human history.

Ultimately, there is more to life than romantic love and these are fields that seek to find meaning to human life by using reason or to understand the meaning of life through religion or spirituality. The meaning of life is more important than romantic love, the white picket fence, and having 1.9 kids singles. There is more to life than love singles, how are you going to find meaning and purpose to your life?


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