Society proclaims to support equality and teaches that everyone should be treated with respect. However, popular culture only advocates and encourages respect in areas that are the foundation of its own social constructs. These social constructs typically are connected to coupling and marriage in America. Singles do not fit into this construct and in order to fit in singles must become coupled. Singles are a growing population in the United States and society should respect a temporary or permanent single status.

In a society that preaches tolerance and equality, the culture remains biased against the unmarried and singles of America. Popular culture discriminates against singles by promoting coupling and marriage from silly shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but the real damage against singles is through the media and science. Society needs to work on improving the image of single people in through popular media and in other mediums where singles remain marginalized. The solution is simple. Singles need to be treated with respect just like any other person that society tells people need to tolerate their lifestyle choice.

Respect for people and for people to make rational choices in their life is the foundation of society, but it is not given to people who are single. This needs to change. It is no one’s business to ask someone who is single twenty questions about their love life; if they are interested in someone, if they are dating, or why they need to find so that they can have children before they get too old to name just a few questions that are continually asked of singles. The demographics of America are changing with singles now making up 45% of the population. This fact alone should change the tone of society and of popular culture when it comes to talking about singles. Singles should stand up for themselves and articulate why they are currently single or why they have chosen to be a lifelong single.

There are a variety of singles that range from temporary singles, current singles, lifelong singles, single parents, widowers, and divorcees. This range makes it difficult for society to stereotype singles, yet that is what popular culture does to those who are unmarried. If American society is truly tolerant and believes in equality, then it needs to begin to respect the diversity of single people.

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James Bollen is the Founder and President of Secure Single. He is an entrepreneur and a content creator with the goal of helping all different types of singles to learn to thrive as a single person.
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