Unconsecrated and consecrated celibacy are two more options for single to choose from among the single life. Our society is obsessed with sex. If there is an original G or PG version of something, like a cartoon character, there is probably an XXX-rated version somewhere on the Internet. Sex and getting booty are not everything in life. It is not even a basic need. While not everyone wants to or plans to be celibate, involuntarily or voluntarily, there are many reasons why celibacy is beautiful in today’s oversexualized society. Unconsecrated and consecrated celibacy are the two options for those singles who choose to live a celibate life.

Unconsecrated and Consecrated Celibacy


How Can Singles Live Out Unconsecrated And Consecrated Celibacy?


Celibacy is beautiful because it is a vocation to serve God and others. Celibacy has been considered a vocation for a long time, along with marriage. However, marriage is often considered an earthly vocation (or horizontal), while celibacy and the priesthood are considered spiritual or religious vocations (vertical). Marriage is regarded as a lay vocation because it is concerned with worldly things such as caring for a wife or husband and children, which make the nuclear family. It is called the nuclear family because, like the nucleus in science, it is the foundation of society, as Aristotle observed in his Politics. In contrast, celibacy’s vocation concerns matters beyond earthly things, such as bringing others to the church, devoting one’s life wholly to God, or pursuing the highest form of some goal. Although celibacy often has a religious emphasis, it is not a requirement depending on why singles may choose to be celibate.


There are two main options: the unconsecrated and consecrated celibate life. The unconsecrated celibate life is when someone decides to be celibate compared to a formally consecrated vocation. The consecrated celibate life is when someone chooses to formalize their decision and make a formal vow, often in a church or religious organization which recognizes celibacy, to make their life decision official. These are both options for singles, but the unconsecrated celibate life would be the most accessible option since it does not require being part of a religious organization and taking a vow of celibacy.


Celibacy is beautiful because it focuses on helping others, from your neighbors, family to those most in need in society. Augustine wrote that sex and romantic relationships are ultimately distractions from more important matters. Don’t get married if you want to achieve your goals and not get distracted by a wife, family, or kids. Celibacy is one of many options for singles to choose from in single life.


There is nothing wrong with choosing to live a celibate life. It may be temporary or a life choice. In today’s hypersexualized society, singles who choose to remain both single and celibate choose a difficult but worthwhile path to pursue what is beyond the physical world of the senses. This world is ultimately a temporary world and the singles who choose this path to a challenging yet respectable choice have given the state of today’s society and natural urges. The single life is worth living, and the unconsecrated and consecrated celibate life are options among the choices available to singles.


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  • jason

    its misrepresentative and misleading. It does not illustrate the reality of life and our eternity.

  • jason

    If you are a christian, especially a Catholic, with knowledge of 10 commandments and concept of mortal sin, the idea of `choosing’ unconsecrated single life’ as a vocation refutes the point.

    Sexual sin is grave matter. We are all human and concupiscent and we are all therefore tempted to sin, in thought, word or deed. If we fully consent to sexual sin, we risk loosing our salvation.

    My point is, as a single person, I am not choosing any vocation but choosing between sin and God’s will each day. Some days might be difficult. I do’nt have a choice but to stay in God’s grace or remain in mortal sin.

    The talk of vocation is nonsense. As a baptised Catholic, i am to follow God’s commandment with all heart body and soul, to repent from sin using time given by God here on earth.

    Vocation of unconsecrated single is besides the point.

  • Bryan LaHaise

    I am a 57 Year Old Single Man, who has NEVER Married and has NO plans to Marry. I live in Saint Paul Minnesota. How can I Receive The Blessing Of Consecrated Celabicy and is this something a Priest can do?

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