Are you contemplating starting a website or an online business? An online business is a real asset. Real assets are how you build wealth. Here are fifteen reasons to start an online business.


15 Reasons To Start An Online Business


Make A Name For Yourself


The first reason to start a website is that you can make a name for yourself. You have control over your website. You can write on topics that interest you. You can later solidify your niche topics and find ways to monetize your website. Once your site grows and gets some attention, you can make a name for yourself. Your website could lead to other opportunities.

You can become well-known within your niche.


Low Startup Cost


An online business has a low startup cost compared to a traditional business. You only need a domain name, a server, a host, and a website provider. You can even start as a casual blog before monetizing and turning your website into an online business. This way, once you start making money, you can make your website a business. This will save you the extra costs and hassles of running a business. You won’t need to deal with those until your website is beginning to make money.


Build An Email List


You can build an email list. An email list is the crown jewel of an online business. There are different companies you can use to build an email list. Three well-known email list-building companies are Mailchimp, AWeber, and Drip.


Your email list gives you the ability to connect directly with people who are on your email list. You can send them promotions. You can send them updates. You can let them know when you release a new product. Because they are on your email list, they are likelier to be your best fans who will purchase from you.


Build Followers And Fans


You can build followers and fans. Your most hardcore fans may buy almost everything you sell. Your followers may only buy some of what you sell. Some may help to spread your message. You can build a social media following. You can create an email list. You can discover ways to monetize your audience.


Passive Income


You can generate passive income with an online business.  You can monetize your website visitors once you have enough consistent visitors. There is no perfect number for when to start to find ways to generate income for your business.


Multiple Income Streams


You can find ways to build multiple passive income streams. You can do affiliate marketing. You could write a book. You can sell pdfs. You could sell merchandise. You can print on-demand products. You can sell digital products. You have plenty of options. You can have a monthly newsletter that people pay to receive in their inboxes. Your creativity is your only limit.


Hire Freelancers


You can hire freelancers to delegate your work. Freelancers will often cost less than hiring regular employees. You don’t have to provide them with healthcare. You don’t have to provide your freelance contractors with benefits. You can hire a freelancer in another country. This will cost you less than hiring a contractor or full-time employee in a country in the United States. Two popular freelancing websites are Fiverr and Upwork.


That is more money you could reinvest into another part of your business.


Business Infrastructure


A proper business has infrastructure. You delegate your work to people who have the skills. This will eventually allow you to stop having to do everything. You can then retire early while your business generates income for you.


You can hire an account manager on a site like Upwork to manage your freelancers. This will allow you to get your time back. The most important people you want to work with are your accountant and your lawyer. All the other functions you can delegate to an account manager. An account manager can manage your freelancers. You will slowly begin to get your time back.


Legal Separation


A business creates a legal separation between the business entity and the business owner. A company is a separate legal entity in the eye of the law. The business and the business owner have two bank accounts. In the eye of the law, the person and the company are two different entities.


Ways To CYA


In today’s legal environment, you want to make sure that you CYA. You want to make sure that you have your legal basis covered. Countries have a range of privacy and data laws you must be aware of.


You will want to ensure that your website is GDPR and CCPA-compliant. You will also want a privacy policy and terms and conditions listed on your website. You can find tools online to create the various policies that online businesses need before they can start implementing strategies to make money online.


You can find WordPress plugins. TermsFeed is an online compliance solutions generator. Termageddon is another option.




Once you have enough cash flow into your business’ bank account, you can reinvest. You could invest in another website. You can start another business.  You could invest money into the stock market. You could invest in real estate. You can continue to find ways to make your money work for you.



Work From Anywhere


An online business will allow you to work from anywhere. You could move to a less expensive country. You could buy a second passport. You could get a second residency or citizenship to diversify your political risk. There are not many downsides to having an online business.


Contribute To Society


The best way to contribute to society is with a business. You provide a solution to a problem that people. You find ways to meet demands in the marketplace. A company offers products and services that people want or need. Those products and services improve people’s lives.


Provide Solutions To People


You can provide solutions to people in a variety of ways. You can have free content that answers questions or helps resolve people’s problems. You can offer a range of premium solutions that customers must pay for. You can create subscription products or services. You can sell a more extensive product, such as a digital course.


Meet Interesting People


You set out to do something that most people won’t do. Some people may have wanted to do what you did by starting an online business, but they were too afraid to, or their friends or family talked them out. By setting yourself apart from others with an online business, you will be able to meet interesting people. Some people may contact you through your email or over a social network.


Have Opportunities Come Your Way


You may have opportunities come your way because you have an online business. You set out to do something that other people thought was too risky. By having an online business, you may eventually have people reach out to you who want to pitch you a business idea, interview you, or work with you.





These are twelve reasons to own an online business. There are more reasons to have an online business. The most important reason is that an online business is a real asset.

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