Demographics of nations are changing, especially in industrialized countries. Those who are single, unmarried, and childless are becoming the new normal while marriage is becoming less common. Being single is often viewed as a problem as is being childless by people and society. On the contrary; there is nothing wrong with being single, unmarried, and childless. Those who are single and childless should not view themselves negatively since it is becoming the new trend. Being single and childless is not a problem and it is a lifestyle choice that is on the rise today.

Rise Of The Single And Childless In Society

Part of the West’s American Dream is to get married, get a white picket fence, and to have children. That part of the dream is declining as people are staying single longer and replacing children with pets. There are some people who view the decline of marriage and not having kids as a social problem that is prominent among Millennials that needs to be corrected. There is nothing wrong with people to choose not to get married and to decide that they don’t want to have children. However, those who believe that marriage is a necessity to having a good society often believe that children as necessary too. Those who hold this belief often regard marriage and family as the foundation of society. Children naturally follow from marriage and keep both the family and society going through having kids. This is not a popularly held belief today as society has become more secular and people are staying single longer and choosing not to marry.

There are some singles who may eventually want to get date and get married, but who do not want to have children. People who decide not to have children are stigmatized for not having children. This is a problem because there is nothing wrong for an individual, or a couple, to decide that they never want to have children. This stigma is misplaced because more people are deciding that they would rather have pets instead of children, childless women are on the rise, and there is now a childless movement. As people continue to stay longer, it is expected that people will delay having kids or choose not to have children. This is not a problem. People and society who think that is should stop stigmatizing those who are single and unmarried for their decision not to have children. Being single and childless is the new normal.

People are staying single and childless longer as a result of a number of factors. These factors include economic, financial, and social circumstances. Millennials are having a more difficult time finding jobs that pay enough to start to buy a house and are often working to pay off student loans. The economic conditions included the housing crash from 2006 to 2009 and the economy did not see any steady growth until recently. The combination of financial and economic influences have made it more difficult for Millennials to become financially stable for those single who want to get married and have children. However, while society still negatively stereotypes singles, being single is on the rise and is increasingly common countries. As a result of people staying single longer, the social norms have begun to change to make accommodate singles from housing to lifestyle choices.


There is nothing wrong with being single. There is nothing wrong with being childless. There is nothing wrong with being single and childless. There are many ways to enjoy life, whether single or married, and this is one in an array of options for how people can decide to live their life. Those who decide to be single and childless should not be stigmatized for their lifestyle choice by people and by society. It is time for society to completely accept those who are single and childless instead of continuing to hold them in contempt for their lifestyle choice.

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