Sex Tech No Partner Needed

9 Sex Technologies Singles Should Consider: No Partner Needed

In our series on technosexuality, we thought you might enjoy reading about the types of sex tech available for you and your single nights from software to artificial intelligence sex dolls. Don’t get me wrong, sex with a partner is a lot of fun – but when you are on the go and stressed out with no time for a significant other or a hook up, you might want to invest in some sex tech to lower your stress and make your life a more enjoyable. There are many different types of sex tech available for both men and women. If you are too afraid to ask someone, fear not because at Secure Single there is no topic we aren’t afraid to blog about.

Here are the top sex tech toys currently booming in the industry.

1. Lush

This item is so tech savvy that it is even compatible with iPhones and Apple Watches, the inventor calls this communication ‘teledildonics’. The interesting part about this toy is that it can also be controlled by a partner through the app. You can expect a fun afternoon delight if you’re using it for a long distance relationship with your partner...

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2. VR Porn

Yes, this is totally a thing now. First VR, and now VR porn. This new tech makes a porn scene viewable from the first person perspective. You look like you are the guy sitting in the chai  while a porn scene goes on right in front of you through VR. Have a favorite porn star? There may be a VR video of them now.

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3. Eva Dame

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This sex tech toy was invented by two women who wanted a wearable item for women to use as they please – the item is also hands-free. This was a response to the male-oriented vibrator rings. This tech was even a sensation on IndieGogo.

4. First ‘gender-neutral’ toy: PicoBong Transformer

This item can be creative in a lot of ways. There may be a manual that goes with this, as there are so many uses for both male and female. It adds a dimension to spice up the bedroom. It is essentially a double-ended vibrator. For more info check out the description for details.

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5.  The Remote Control Lelo Tiani

The Lelo Tiani is not only remote controllable, but also ultra responsive to motion. You can tilt and motion the controller to change the vibrator’s frequency. This tech is pretty fancy.



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6. The Pulse Hot Octopuss ‘Guybrator’

The Pulse Hot Octopuss deliverers high-amplitude waves to stimulate the male anatomy. The wings on the sides are adjustable to make it more fitting for each individual’s measurements. It also expands when the guy has more blood flowing due to stimuli.

7. kGoal: Smart Kegeling

Kegeling is probably one of the most overlooked exercises. One should practice for good sex. This tech invention was named the world’s first smart Kegel trainer and comes with an app. It is a personal trainer for Kegel muscles and tracks pelvic floor exercises.

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8. Limon: Smart Squeeze

Limon is a vibrator that, when squeezed, adjusts its’ vibrations based on how hard it’s squeezed.

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8. Hello Touch

This device is dynamite in a small package. The design has two compact vibration pads that are encased in silicone. To control the device, there is a toggle on the wristband included in the package.

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Now you have the scoop on the latest and greatest in the sex tech industry. For more information, check out the Sex Tech Annual Conference in San Francisco. Spice up your bedroom life at night. There are a lot of new items for both men and women. There is no reason not to be curious. Take the leap, and try one out. Best of luck Secure Singles!


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