Student life in college

The school year is about to begin and college supplies, furniture, and deals are at all the stores at students prepare for the fall semester as a Freshman or a Senior. College can both an exciting time and a lonely time, but it is ultimately up to each student to determine which of those two main option college turns out to be. College is the first time that you get to escape your family and experience new thoughts, ideas, and people. College is a time for an individual to grow and make use of the independence, mobility, and autonomy that the single life offers while in school.

Student life in college

Students’ life in the college.

In college — unlike high school — you get to decide how much time you want to spend studying, partying, or exploring the world. In a word, you are finally independent. While it is important to study and to do well in your classes, it is also vital to take advantage of the opportunities that the area where your college is located to grow and mature as a person. This requires you getting out of your comfort zone and attending events and being able to discuss ideas and beliefs in a rational and non-confrontational manner with people with whom you may disagree with on issues. You may change your views on certain things after reading, discussing, and experiencing different cultures and places while in college.

As a single person you are able to use the mobility that the single life provides in college to explore the city that you are in and to meet new people and make new friends. Today, it is easier to travel and get around because most major cities now have light rails or subways and there is Uber and Lyft for if you don’t have a car to get you places throughout the city. Mobility, tied to independence, creates the opportunity for you to explore and do the things that may be of interest to you while in college.

A telescope viewer overlooks view Paris skyline.

A telescope viewer overlooks the Paris skyline.

As a student, your college may have some rules for dorm hours or for visiting hours along with certain codes of conduct or what your college expects of you in the student handbook. While it is good to know what the handbook says, it is also important that as a (single) college student that you have the freedom to act independently and to grow as a person while in school.

College student handbook

A college student handbook.

Whether you plan to be a lifelong single or you ultimately want to enter a relationship, you should enjoy the time as a single in college. College is a time is grow as a person by utilizing the independence, mobility, and autonomy that the single life offers you.

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