There have been flu epidemics throughout history. The Coronavirus Pandemic is currently ranking as of the most catastrophic in recent history. The economy has been on lockdown. Citizens must quarantine. People must wear a face mask, social distance, wash hands, and test for the virus. It is an uncertain time. It can be challenging to be single during Covid, but when you are isolated and lonely. It is possible to thrive as a single person during Covid, and here are five ways for single to make it through the Covid pandemic.


Connect with Your Community Online


Community is vital to have in life. While things have changed due to state and lockdown mandates, you can still connect with your community. There are many different ways that you can build a community online today. You can find online groups that relate to your interests on Facebook, LinkedIn, and online forums. While in-person events may be limited, you can find Meetup groups in your area, or a group may host events online using Skype or Zoom. You can also find online support groups for anxiety, addiction, and mental health to deal with those issues during the pandemic. Things have continued to move online, so you can now have a virtual online community and a real-life in-person community.


Focus on Health


Singles can focus on health during Covid. You can focus on exercise, vitamins, and eating right. Exercise is also crucial for health because physical activity fights against health conditions and diseases. Vitamins should primarily come from a balanced diet, but there is nothing wrong with using supplements when appropriate. A healthy diet is vital to living a healthy life. You can improve your diet by making a grocery list, drink water, and cook at home instead of going out to eat. A grocery list helps you plan to buy healthier food. It helps to prevent you from making impulse purchases while also saving money. Water is an essential part of a good diet. Drinking water helps maintain a healthy diet because water helps with weight loss, weight maintenance, and lowering the number of calories you consume in a day. Instead of going out to eat, you can cook at home. When you cook at home, you have control over the ingredients and can make healthy meals. If you enjoy cooking, a fun way to learn new recipes is to try an original healthy recipe each week.


Good Habits


During this time of change, you can work to build good habits. There are three main ways to be intentional about creating good habits. The first way is to start small. You can begin by focusing on the routine you want to develop and work to increase the behavior once it starts to be natural. Make a clear intention of what habit behavior you want to be your focus. The second way is implementation intention, which is to make the habit you want to work on into an if/then statement. An example of applying the implantation intention is, “If I finish running my errands, then I will go to the gym.” The third way is to focus on one habit at a time. It is best to focus on creating a new good practice with a laser focus. When you make the first habit habitual, then you can start to work on the next habit.




Being single during Covid is a time for you to evolve through the choices and intentions that you set for yourself. Use this is a time to learn. What interests you? What do you want to know about? Make a list of the things that you want to learn. Learning also means trying new things. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and do something you have never done before. When you try something different, you may discover a new interest, hobby, or activity. Use this is also a time to learn self-mastery. Self-mastery is about positive growth and working to reach higher consciousness through self-evolution. Times change, and you must evolve with it instead of staying stagnate. Being single during Covid is a time for self-evolution.


Work on Yourself


Being single during Covid is a time to work on yourself. Working on yourself means that you take time to your time, energy, and focus on yourself. Once you confront the reality that you have neglected your needs, you acknowledge the fact, and you are ready to work on yourself. When you start to focus and work on yourself, you will slowly begin to see results. You can work on yourself by spending time alone in solitude. Solitude can help you to get in touch with your inner self. Spend time in silence or meditation. You can work on yourself by reading a book or watching videos on subjects that are of interest to you. Focus on what you provide to others and what others gain from having you in their life. You can be grateful and realize what you have and bring to the world. Once you know what you bring to the world, challenge yourself, and follow your passion. Pursue your passion and never give up. You are the only one who is fully capable of knowing yourself, and you are the only one who can work to make your passion a life reality. Use this chaotic time to learn never to give up, take responsibility, and make your dreams a reality.



Being single during Covid is an opportunity to learn about yourself and to work on yourself. It is up to you for how you this time, but you can use the Covid chaos as a time move from chaos to the future and return to your strengths. It is up to you how you choose to use this period of uncertainty.


What steps have you taken as a single during Covid to make it through the pandemic?


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