Access to sexual satisfaction for single men has never been easier.

It is no secret. Single men have given up on women. Single women have given up on men too. Dating is on the decline. Marriage rates have plummeted. Why would single men no longer want to date and to marry? One simple reason is that men no longer need romantic relationships and monogamy to get sexual satisfaction. Marriage is no longer needed for single men to get sexual satisfaction today.

Single Men And Sexual Satisfaction For Cheap

Sexual Satisfaction Most Expensive In Romantic Relationships

The most expensive form of sex comes from marriage and from romantic relationships. This is because the amount of sex is controlled by the partner who a man is in a relationship with or who a man is married to. The man in these relationship models cannot have sex unless their partner wants to have sex too. However, both marriage and romantic relationships are having a difficult time keeping men’s attention when they compete against cheaper alternatives to get sexual satisfaction. It requires more work and men will probably get less sex, single men are opting out of the dating market and the marriage market. Why?

Cheap Sex Comes With Technology

Sex. Is. Cheap. Today. With the advent of the Internet and apps, there is a limitless supply of ways for single men to access sex and to pair up with the partner of their choice. Hookup apps allow single men to meet and hookup with someone easily to have a one night stand or a series of flings without having to worry about it turning into a romantic relationship. Apps such as Tinder and Grindr are the most well known the hookup apps available today primarily for the purpose of sexual satisfaction. There is no reason for men to take the hard route to get sexual satisfaction when it can be found by simply downloading an app today.

The Internet Is A Gold Mine For Cheap Sex

The Internet has democratized the accessibility to find information and for single men to discover new kinks. Single men are the widest users of pornography and porn is the cheapest form of sexual satisfaction available. It can be found online for free and can be viewed as often as single men want to watch it. Men can discover new sexual expressions from porn that a romantic partner may have never allowed them to try. The combination of the wide availability of the porn and what compliments watching it has greatly depreciated the value and the control of women having control over sexual satisfaction. Women cannot compete against the cheap sex that is available today and they realize this.


Single men no longer need to date or to be married to get sexual pleasure. The Internet and apps allow single men to view and to find someone to sleep with or they know they can search online for porn anytime of the day. Sexual satisfaction is only a click away today with technology. There are many reasons why single men have stopped dating and are giving up on women, but cheap sexual satisfaction is definitely a great motivator… and single women know they can’t compete.

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