Halloween is a fun holiday where people dress up and take to the night for frights and thrills. The modern rendition of Halloween is based off the All Hallows’ Eve that was celebrated 2,000 years ago. Halloween is a holiday that can be celebrated alone. Singles should not be afraid to go out and celebrate alone since there are many events going on Halloween weekend and on Halloween Day throughout the country.

Haunted house with a cemetery and Jack o' lantern.

Haunted House

All Hallows’ Eve was a Celtic festival that was celebrated on November 1st that marked “Summer’s End” and the start of Fall. The Celtics believed that it was during this time that ghosts and the dead were most able to come back and mingle among the living. The Samhain Festival was celebrated with bonfires that honored the dead that would travel to the otherworld. The Gaelic’s offered sacrifices to the spirits in the form of fruit, animals, and vegetables to appease the spirits that came back to mingle among the living during this time. This was done to temper all manner of spirits that came back from the dead on All Hallows’ Eve: “ghosts, fairies, and demons–all part of the dark and dread.” Today, people celebrate Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve) by dressing up and becoming the spirits by wearing costumes of different types of spirits, witches, demons, and all manner of myths and lore to mingle among the living on this day.

Modern Halloween is a festive holiday with different parties being held in cities. Everything from masquerade balls to costume club parties can be found during Halloween Weekend and on Halloween Day. Singles and unmarried should not be afraid to go out and celebrate Halloween on their own since it is a festive holiday. However, it is still important to be safe on Halloween and to keep your wits at parties as the night. If you are at a party and are drinking, keep an eye on your drink at all times to make sure that no one adds a date rape drug to take advantage of you at a party. Do not drink and drive. In short, be wise and have fun while you are out enjoying Halloween.

Jack-O-Lantern in a cemetery.

Jack-O-Lantern in a cemetery.

There are many opportunities to celebrate Halloween and being single should not deter you from celebrating the holiday. Find an event in your area and dress up as your favorite character or spirit. All Hallows’ Eve, or Samhain, has a long and deep history that everyone is able to celebrate in the modern rendition of Halloween. Be safe and celebrate Halloween as a single person, now go find an event and scare some couples.



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