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Being single isn’t for everyone, but everyone is born single or may be single again.   It’s not easy to be single in a world that can appear lonely and frightening, so we are here to help singles all around the world feel better about their predicament. If you’re reading this right now, just know that you are worthy of love, incredible friendships, and travel beyond your wildest dreams (if you’re into that!). You don’t even have to have a partner. These walks of life in our single-hood times are about self-discovery and a time to love ourselves and to feel absolutely GREAT about the people we are. A simple way you can practice feeling good about yourself today is to start feeling sexy. Yes, you read it right. Start feeling sexy today about who you are, even if you’re not having sex or feeling like a sexy person. I’ll share how you can do this in three easy steps, and why feeling sexy can improve your life. Believe it or not, being single is sexy! 

3 Reasons Why Single Is Sexy And No Partner Is Required

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Feel Sexy Without A Partner

Your self-worth is not dependent on how others see you, this includes past partners. If we have allowed others to put us down and make us feel bad about ourselves early on when we may have been young, vulnerable, and ‘in love’, then we can change this. Our self-worth and feelings of being a beautiful, sexy person come from within. There are often times where people are codependent on their partner. This is unhealthy. Your approval of yourself comes only from within. So love your life and let go of the need for approval from any partners, or any person’s, opinion of you. You are sexy as you are, so rock what you’ve got!



Your Self-Image Will Improve Daily

One of the major benefits of feeling sexy about ourselves is how much our self-image will improve. When we can validate ourselves as a person, which happens through approving and accepting ourselves completely, our self-image will improve tremendously. Part of feeling sexy is accepting ourselves, from head to toe, no matter how many imperfections we might see. Just look on the bright side, you’re single, confident, and you feel good about you. When your self-image is positive, everything in life is easier. We can be our own best friends and can be there for ourselves to love who we are and to pick ourselves up through hard times. Love yourself and feel sexy about the person you are. No matter your body type, feel sexy today!



You’ll Feel More Positive About Your Life

Sexy people, who validate themselves from within, have a more positive outlook on life. When you feel good about your body, personality, face, and everything that makes you who you are, life will be more enjoyable. You do not need the approval from another to feel good about who you are. Just be happy with who you are and what you are. Of course, there are some things you can to enhance the positive life you lead. Start by eating healthy, working out, and hanging out with people who are happy, and feel positive about themselves as well. By surrounding yourself with good people and a healthy environment, you will feel good inside and out. These are supplementary items to help improve your positive feelings about your life. Start loving who you are and feeling sexy today, there is no need to hold yourself back from loving and enjoying the person you are today. Live is a beautiful thing, so feel positive about yourself, and love your life!




You have the power to change your life for the better though self-acceptance! How you feel about the world is 100% up to you, and you only. Feeling sexy about yourself gives you inner strength and also a positive self-image. You WANT to feel good about the incredible person you are. We are all unique and have an inner and outer beauty that should be shared with the world. If you don’t have a special someone in your life, just know that it is okay. Celebrate the person you are and feel good about your life. Good things will happen, just feel good about yourself and your future. A positive outlook never hurt anyone, neither did feeling sexy about oneself. Be sexy because no partner is needed to feel sexy and to feel good about the person you are today. Remember that people who feel sexy and good about themselves are ultimately more attractive than any person who needs outside validation and who is in a bad relationship. For best results, practice daily to make it a habit. You are beautiful and secure as you are, so keep it real my single friends!


Danielle E. Brockman is a contributing writer for Secure Single LLC. Danielle has her own blog at eContently and you can connect with Danielle on LinkedIn.


Secure Single provides a forum for a diverse variety of perspectives, ideas, experiences, and resources and does not take official stances. All writers speak exclusively for themselves. Concurrently, any quotes, shares, reposts, interviews, etc. do not imply endorsement by Secure Single LLC or its curators. Now go live your best single life!
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Danielle has chosen to be single in her walk of life. She experienced dating in her late teens and early twenties, and had always felt each relationship was unfulfilling. To find more meaning in her life, she broke off to go down a path of self-discovery.
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