Thanksgiving Single Alone

Thanksgiving is often thought to be a time to spend with family and if you are unable to spend it with family, then you spend it with friends and have a Friendsgiving. But why should that remain the case when the majority of the population is single and dining out alone is becoming normal? This Thanksgiving singles should not be afraid to dine out alone to celebrate the holiday if they will not be spending it with family or friends.

What Society Says You Must Do 

The common narrative for Thanksgiving is that it must be spent with family, but if it is not spent with family then it must be with friends for a Friendsgiving. Those are both good options, but the other option is enjoying Thanksgiving alone. There is nothing wrong with being alone or spending time alone. It is actually healthy and OpenTable has seen an increase of reservations for one by solo diners. Why not check out a new restaurant and enjoy Thanksgiving by yourself? That is what I will be doing and the day has plenty to offer singles.

What Singles Can Actually Do for Thanksgiving

Singles have the opportunity to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning. The parade features large balloons of holiday features, live music, and crowds watching the parade in New York City. You can relax watching the parade with your favorite drink in hand and check out your friends’ posting pictures on social media. After watching the parade and seeing what your social media friends are up to, you can check out the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

After you see if there is anything that you want on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, get ready to go to the restaurant that you made the reservation at to celebrate Thanksgiving. There is nothing wrong with dining by yourself or to celebrate Thanksgiving alone as a single. Singles are increasingly making reservations for one on OpenTable and it is great to do something on holidays instead of staying in your apartment or house. Try a new restaurant this Thanksgiving and celebrate being single!

Thanksgiving Dining Alone

However, if you are not interested in exploring a new restaurant, then help out at a local food bank this Thanksgiving. Find a local food bank or church that is having a Thanksgiving meal for the homeless in your city and volunteer. Singles volunteer more than couples and it is good to help those who are less fortunate by giving your time to assist with a Thanksgiving meal at a food bank. Volunteering to help on Thanksgiving and at organizations that provide help to the homeless will give you a different view of the world that is both healthy and helpful for singles.

Depending on how you plan your day and who your football team is, enjoy watching the Thanksgiving game. You can watch the games online, on the sports, channel, or by going to a local sports bar that is playing the game. Sit back and watch football this Thanksgiving.

There are plenty of things for singles to do on Thanksgiving and ways for singles to enjoy the holiday alone. It is healthy to spend time alone. There is no reason for singles to be sad that they are not celebrating the holiday with family or was not invited to a Friendsgiving. This Thanksgiving be thankful for being single and that you are not in a bad relationship where you have to travel to your significant other’s family to have those awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations.

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